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50 questions for your boyfriend (fun, daring, and intimate)

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When you feel attracted to someone it is very common to be on a cloud. Going through the stage of falling in love is exciting and intense, although it can be good (and fun!) To get to know the person more thoroughly.

Knowing the tastes, dreams, fears and concerns of the couple, allows communication, emotional ties and trust to improve. A good idea to get to know each other better is by asking specific questions, and there are many questions for a boyfriend that can be fun, daring and intimate.

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50 questions for a boyfriend (fun, daring, and intimate)

A rainy afternoon without much to do is ideal for a question session. Knowing each other as thoroughly as possible is always convenient, since relationships always move in one direction.

It is best to create trust with the other person and also avoid surprises before deciding to move on to another stage of greater commitment such as living together, getting married or having children. Here is a series of questions for a boyfriend of the most fun, daring and intimate.

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1. What are your life plans?

Knowing the couple's life plans is a good way to get to know each other and find out if there are common interests. With this question you can know if your desire is to study, travel, a business, get married, etc.

2. What would you think told you that I am pregnant?

The question will surely take you by surprise. They may think you are, but it will be interesting and fun to hear their answer.

3. What have you always expected from a relationship?

It is good to know the expectations that the other person has about relationships. With this question, the two parties can be on the same page.

4. In intimate relationships, are you conservative or daring?

Asking about intimate relationships can be very revealing. Do not be afraid to ask to avoid surprises later.

5. What is a perfect day for you?

Knowing what you would like to do on a perfect day helps you know your likes and hobbies. Going to the movies, camping, doing sports, reading,... the answer will give an idea about your hobbies.

6. What places would you like to visit?

The places you want to travel to give a clear idea of ​​a person's personality. Some prefer adrenaline-fueled adventures, while others want to discover places full of culture and history.

7. What is your fantasy in privacy?

Everybody has fantasies. You have to talk openly about the subject and know the limits when being intimate.

8. What do you find the most attractive in a person?

It is good to know what it is that is attractive to the person with whom you are being intimate. Surely at the beginning of the relationship things have already been discussed but unknown details could be discovered.

9. Who are the most important people in your life?

To a large extent, a person is defined by the people around him. That is why it is important to know who are the people who are held in the highest esteem.

10. Would you like to have children?

It is very important to know if a couple wants to have children. It may be that it is not completely clear yet, but it is good to know it to make decisions for the future and that there are no surprises.

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11. Which is your biggest dream?

We all have dreams, they are the engine of life. Knowing what motivates a person and what they are willing to fight for helps to get to know themselves better.

12. How do you imagine your life in 5, 10 and 20 years?

Talking about the future with a partner can be a lot of fun, and future plans also focus on the direction the relationship can take.

13. If you had to change residence, where would you like to go?

Even if you are rooted in a place of origin, you can always contemplate living elsewhere. Sometimes it is just an exercise in imagination, but it is interesting.

12. What is your biggest fear?

Fears also define a person. This question may come as a surprise, since not everyone is afraid of the same things.

13. What would you not be willing to do for anyone?

Knowing the limits of a person in extreme situations, gives an idea about their ethics and preferences, and is that sometimes there are people for whom we would do anything.

14. What do you like the most in bed?

A daring and intimate question to find out what interests the other person has and how they like to have fun in bed.

15. If you could make three wishes, what would you ask for?

The three wishes give a very clear clue about goals and expectations. It's a fun question for a boyfriend that allows you to get to know each other more thoroughly.

16. What is your favorite pet?

There are preferences for dogs, cats, and other animals. It is fun and cute to know which pets the other person likes the most.

17. What would you like to change about yourself?

Some people have a hard time talking about what they don't like. That is why this question is important, it can help build trust if you speak without prejudice and with respect.

18. How was your childhood?

Knowing about the childhood and the past of the other is one of the best ways to know it. Childhood defines us to a great extent and also knowing the story of a life says a lot about the person.

19. What kind of music do you like?

Although music is universal, not all genres are for everyone and it is good to know what a boyfriend likes.

20. What is your perfect vacation?

It is very revealing to know what places they like to rest. Holidays are times to get out of the routine and time for the activities that you like the most.

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21. What was your favorite toy as a child?

Memories are a good time to share. It is a question for a boyfriend that can help to have a good time remembering funny childhood moments.

22. What rule did you break in your childhood or adolescence?

We all have a rebellious anecdote. It may be something not so serious, but in any case it can be fun to remember.

23 What's the worst time you've ever been through?

You also have to know the painful moments that one has gone through. Although it is always nice to remember them, it is important to share them to strengthen ties.

24. What bothers you the most?

It is better to clearly identify those things that cause discomfort in the couple. It should not necessarily refer to relationship situations, they can be in general aspects.

25. Romantic, action or scary movies?

Knowing which movie a guy likes can facilitate the common choice when it comes to going. If they are not shared, nothing happens if they do not always go together.

26. What do you think about infidelity? Have you been unfaithful?

Although infidelity is something that clearly nobody likes, you have to know the limits and concepts that the couple has about it. What for some is reprehensible for others may be justifiable.

27. Are you a person of mornings or nights?

There are people who perform better in the morning and others at night. It is good to know from now on which of the two your partner belongs to.

28. What situations do you find unforgivable?

Talking about lies, betrayal and deception is not pleasant, but it may be necessary. We don't like to talk a lot about the things that bother us, but it is good to share it.

29. What do you dislike about me?

Although many people will not like to hear the answer to this question, you have to have the maturity to listen and accept.

30. What is your favorite food?

Knowing what kind of food a couple likes can help surprise or pamper them for a day, whether it's preparing a dinner or inviting them somewhere to eat.

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31. What is important to you in people?

It can be the physical, the feelings, the ambitions or the intellect. It is interesting to know what a person values ​​the most.

32. What do you think of marriage?

Talking about marriage may scare some people a bit, but it's a good question to get to know each other better.

33. What is your favorite book?

Knowing which one or which are someone's favorite books is always an interesting topic. In addition to letting yourself know more, it is a good excuse to have a pleasant conversation.

34. How relevant are social networks for you?

There are those who like to upload photos and posts all the time, while there are more discreet people. Sometimes you need to know what kind of person you are.

35. How important are anniversaries and birthdays?

Most men forget these dates, but you have to know how relevant it is to them too and express the importance it has for yourself.

36. What would be the perfect gift they could give you?

Perhaps the ideal gift is unaffordable because of how expensive or extravagant it is, but at least you have an idea of ​​what to give the next occasion.

37. Do you have a secret that you haven't shared with me?

This question for a boyfriend is daring and intimate. You can open the door to confess something you want to share.

38. What do you believe or what is your faith?

They say that to avoid problems it is better not to talk about politics or religion, but it is good to know about the subject as long as it is done with respect.

39. Tattoos, yes or no?

Tattoos are very common and it seems that few people have problems with them anymore, but it is better to ask about the subject and find out a little more what they think.

40. What is your idea of ​​fun?

It is interesting to know how we have fun and what things make us laugh and have fun. Some like to party and dance, others prefer other types of entertainment.

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41. Do you like posting couple selfies?

The topic of selfies is already a necessary topic to talk about in the courtship. You have to reconcile positions as it is one of the issues that causes conflict between couples today.

42. What do you think of my mother?

This is a question for a boyfriend and for any guy. It is intimate and daring, but it is important to know what it feels like.

43. What would you need from a relationship to think about marriage?

It is a very direct question for a boyfriend but they are the topics that must be clearly discussed. Knowing about fears and expectations regarding marriage could lead to compromise.

44. If you had no money restrictions, what would your ideal life be like?

Talking about dreams is fun, so asking this question can be very interesting.

45. What would you like to learn?

Learn to dance, another language, a trade. We all have a dream of learning something that for some reason we have put off.

46. Do you believe in fate?

It is a very typical but very revealing question. There are those who consider that everything is written and we simply have to comply with that and those who believe that the future is forged day by day.

47. How was your first love?

There are those who do not want to know anything about the past of their partners. First love was usually at a very young age, and it is usually nice to know that story.

48. What would be your ideal job?

It is very revealing to know what this person would work on if life had gone other ways. A question for a boyfriend that allows us to understand her intimacy and illusions.

49. Who you admire?

Whether it is someone famous or a member of your family, recognizing and admiring someone is a gesture of humility that is valued.

50. What do you think of love?

The opinion we have about love largely defines the type of relationships we want. It's a complex question that may not be answered once or may be asked from time to time.

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