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23 great poems about God and religion

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Not only love, melancholy and historical events have been inspiring muses for great poets, but so is faith and devotion to God, where people reveal all the love they have for their spiritual life, the miracles that they have witnessed in their life or the gratitude for the impact that their beliefs have generated.

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Great poems inspired by God and religion

Therefore, we have brought below the best poems inspired by God and religion that put up the power of faith.

1. I wish little (Facundo Cabral)

I will give you a simple life

with the things that man forgot

no rugs, but with smiles

and eyes open to the sun.

The best of life is free

there is no poverty having God,

hope will be our guest,

having confidence, there will be understanding.

I offer you the May breeze,

October flowers

and all my love.

We will fly like the birds

there are no borders in heaven.

I'll cover your skin with mine

and winter will be summer.

Our kisses will be our home

our hands will be our law,

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through the square singing barefoot,

with life together we are going to play.

God has put bliss in the simple

and that is the way to happiness.

to happiness.

  • This poem shows that by having faith in God, it is possible to find the strength to move forward because he will know how to show us the way.

2. I love God (Daniel Nuño)

God is Love, unmistakable Truth.

God is love. And such is the immensity of him,

that before his love there is no impossible,

and to the sinner it offers eternal Peace.

I am unworthy that He thought of me.

I know I don't deserve his forgiveness.

But with his love he cleanses me and protects me faithfully.

His Grace I have what a precious gift.

God is Love, and he is, in such a way,

who gave his Son for my soul to redeem,

and on the cross he died so that I would have

in his mansion, eternal future.

God is love. But what I don't understand

is that the mortal rejects the Goodness of him.

Despise the gift of God, and be choosing

the undoing of him of his own free will.

God is Love, and my soul celebrates it

giving praises to my Savior.

For the goodness of him my black luck changed,

and today the fire of his love shines in me.

  • We all deserve a second chance. Even if we consider ourselves so doomed that we are not worthy of a flattering change.

3. Take advice, young man (Zaida C. of Ramón)

Hey young man, be wise;

stand aside for god

Give yourself to Him completely;

make the decision today.

The world offers you a lot;

is presented in its splendor

But at the end of the road

everything is disappointment.

The meat with its passions

provoke temptation

If you don't beat it in time,

leads you to perdition.

He is a trap, don't give in;

it is the tempter's snare

Rebuke him in the moment,

if not, pain awaits you.

Look up to the sky;

seek the face of the lord

He is the safe haven

the place of blessing.

He is the faithful Friend;

know your heart

It is the one that fills the void;

he gives full satisfaction.

Be wise, follow the goal;

do you like the runner

sacrifices himself

for having the award.

If that's how athletes do

who exercise with determination,

learn by example, young man;

the sky is of more value.

Never, never belittle

to such a great salvation

I advise you to save it

with fear and trembling.

  • This poem opens the invitation to accept and embrace God in our lives, especially the teachings of goodness and grace from him, away from sin that later takes its toll.

4. Hope (Armando Nervo)

And why shouldn't the soul be true?

What work does it cost the god who spins

the phosphorous tulle of the nebulae

and that traces the faint brushstrokes

of light from the tireless comets

give the spirit immortality?

Is it more incomprehensible by chance

to be reborn than to be born? Is it more absurd

continue living than having lived,

be invisible and subsist, just as

around us they beat and subsist

innumerable ways, that science

surprises at every moment

with his lynx eyes?

hope, our daily bread;

nurse hope of the sad;

murmur those intimate words to me

that in the silence of the night they pretend,

in the most hidden of my mind,

whisper of white seraphim ...

Am I not to meet my death?

If you know, why don't you tell me?

  • In this poem we can appreciate the despair she feels when she is lost in life. Feeling that nothing makes sense and the only thing you want is death.

5. The hair stretched out by the mantle (Lope de Vega)

Her hair stretched out by her mantle,

may she humble the sun to crown esteem,

Mary gets to print her cousin,

I love her arms, which she bathes in tears.

"Blessed is the fruit of your holy womb",

Isabel says to her dear cousin,

and she responds: «My humility sublimates

God, because of her she makes me so great ».

The mountain is moved by his praise,

and the shepherds so cheerfully,

that he was bursting for speaking a dumb man.

Juan happily jumps, dances and dances,

that the teacher in front of him then,

he is the cousin who could touch him.

  • This poem recounts the feat of the moment when Maria learned that she was going to be the mother of the Savior and her journey to break the news to others.

6. At all times (Andrew Murray)

Dying in Christ his death that is mine;

living with Christ, his divine life;

looking at Christ, in splendid glory

oh Lord, I am yours at all times.

Every moment life gives me,

every moment with me He is

until he comes to see his glory;

every moment I give my being.

Never a fight without Him fighting with me,

not a single company in which he does not help me;

he raises his white flag above

I don't lose sight of her for a single moment.

Never a test without being by my side

never a burden without giving me a hand,

never a pity that he does not participate

at all times under his care.

Never a problem, and never a complaint,

never a tear and never a groan;

never a danger but on the throne

I am with Him at all times.

If I feel weak he he he corroborates me;

whether in suffering or in prosperity,

if I am sick, it is He who heals me;

He never leaves me. He with me is ...

  • Here we can appreciate all the deep devotion of a believer on the divine power and the omnipotent presence of God.

7. God (Ricardo Palma)

The light is the border that girdles your mantle,

your infinite plant the endless sphere,

your voice the most magical and holy murmur,

your shadow the clouds full of charm,

your breath the aroma of tuberose and jasmine.

If the wind breaks fatefully angry,

if the fleeting breeze moans tremulously,

my being is moved Lord! I feel you

and to you, in mysterious, swift thought,

my spirit begs seraphic peace.

My Christian faith is not a vain rush:

without seeing you I adore you with fennel, oh God!

If the blue sky with shades of scarlet

decorates the dawn of Galana,

I admire the fire that you leave behind.

More ah! we feel you and we do not look at you

that, seeing so much brilliance, so great majesty,

those that we spend an earthly look

and to you we raise our weak complaint,

blind us your splendid face.

  • God is everywhere, from nature to every little happiness that he feels at any moment, which brings peace and comfort at the same time to the soul.

8. To an adulteress (Francisco de Quevedo)

Only in you, Lesbia, we see that he has lost

Adultery shame to heaven,

Well, how clearly and so unveiled

Make the noblemen bones offended.

For God, for you, for me, for your husband,

Let the whole floor not know your infamy:

Close the door, live with suspicion

That sin was born to hide it.

I'm not saying that you leave your friends

But I say that it is not good that they are noticed

Of the few who are your enemies.

Look at your neighbors, affronted,

They say the witnesses delight you

Of your sins more than your sins.

  • A different show of faith towards that which causes equal parts pleasure and fear. Not for us, but for the person we know who enjoys his sins.

9. Song of Hope (Rubén Darío)

A great flight of crows stains the azure blue.

A millennial breath brings hints of the plague.

Men are murdered in the far East.

Is the apocalyptic Antichrist born?

Omens have been known and wonders have been seen

and the return of Christ seems imminent.

The earth is pregnant with pain so deep

that the dreamer, meditative imperial,

suffers with the anguish of the heart of the world.

Executioners of ideals afflicted the earth,

in a well of shadow humanity is enclosed

with the rude molossi of hatred and war.

Oh Lord Jesus Christ! Why are you waiting, what are you waiting for

to extend your hand of light on the beasts

and make your divine flags shine in the sun!

Suddenly arises and pours the essence of life

about so many crazy, sad or inveterate souls,

that lover of darkness your sweet dawn forgets.

Come, Lord, to make yourself glory;

Come with trembling stars and horror of cataclysm,

come bring love and peace over the abyss.

And your white horse, which the visionary looked at,

happens. And the divine extraordinary clarion sounds.

My heart will be the embers of your censer.

  • The eternal awaited of the Savior, in which he will come again to rule the earth under a cloak of hope and goodness, just as he said in his teachings.

10. Poem to Hope (Miguel de Unamuno)

Immortal hope, genius who

you wait

To the eternal Messiah, of whom you know

that she will never come, you the one

you keep

to your daughter the faith with seven keys

And that before reason you do not


if you don't make the hearts birds

to fly over the brown clouds

of the dark truth, you no longer fit in me.

  • There are people who cling to their extremist beliefs to distort the teachings of the Christ. Therefore, instead of proclaiming love, they only live to capture others in their ideology.

11. Let nothing disturb you (Saint Teresa of Jesus)

Nothing trouble you,

nothing scares you,

everything passes,

God does not move


all reaches.

Who has God

nothing is missing.

God alone is sufficient.

  • A short poem but with great meaning about trusting in faith in God, especially in the most difficult moments.

12. Philosophia (Medardo Ángel Silva)

On the edge of life let us sit down, oh my!

and let's watch the passing hours go by;

Sweet is the fleeting sun, let us bless the day

and let us trust in Him who made the springs.

Let's eat our bread, let's drink our wine

and may the Lord receive our daily praise:

the blow of adverse Destiny may be hard

but the wings remain: we have Hope!

Let us leave the road to those who are in a hurry;

a kiss, a smile is enough for us ...

The mental treasure we lavishly give

and we don't keep anything because we have nothing ...

And less worries us to know where we are going

because Love tells us that together we will march ...

  • This poem tells us about being grateful for what we have, not only for material possessions but for the environment that surrounds us, which is God's work.

13. What do I have, that you seek my friendship? (Lope de Vega)

What do I have, that you seek my friendship?

What interest do you follow, my Jesus,

that at my door, covered with dew,

do you spend the dark winter nights?

Oh, how hard were my insides,

Well, I did not open it! What a strange delusion

yes from my ingratitude of cold ice

she dried the sores of your pure plants!

How many times did the angel tell me:

«Alma, now look out the window;

you will see with how much love to call persistence »

And how many, sovereign beauty,

"Tomorrow we will open it," she replied,

for the same answer tomorrow!

  • Shown here is a person's repentance for not being able to open their heart to faith until it was too late.

14. The Virgin Mary (Clemente Althaus)

What worthy tongue does praise sing

of which she, being a mother, was a maiden?

The angel adores her, and looks at her

every divine liberal Person.

She is an unparalleled diamond in her crown

each purest shining star;

moon and sun of her the triumphant plants trace of her,

and the rainbow is the listed area of ​​it.

Rejoice and wait, human race

that this one, from heaven reigns mighty,

of the noble cherubs she sovereign;

This, mother of God, God's wife,

no angel, a woman and our sister were born,

and in praying for us she does not rest.

  • Another poem that praises the Virgin Mary, a fundamental figure in Christian history because she was the one who gave life to Jesus.

15. Like the eagle (Zaida C. of Ramón)

What eagle is the Christian,

the comparison is faithful;

delights in the heights

in the One who created it.

If he ever tried

rise and could not,

it's time to renew

all his old feathers.

To the Rock he goes,

he breaks against her,

voluntarily suffers

but it comes out renewed.

If bad weather is coming

and the storm overtakes him,

He is not afraid, he does not run away;

he is never, ever intimidated.

This is the opportunity

the moment I was waiting for;

with will and courage

he is about to transfer it.

It does not take long to climb very high;

achieved what he longed for:

that the hurricane with its force

to the top will lift you up.

That beautiful verse is fulfilled

from Holy Scripture:

"Everything works for the better

in those who love God "

  • This beautiful poem compares the believer who has faith in God with an eagle, someone who does not fear evil, because he knows that he can fight it.

16. The lost sheep (Elvira Vila Massana)

Which lost sheep

Fleeing the Shepherd from him,

So I was away

Of the way of the Lord.

But my good savior

He looked at me and saw me lost

And he came full of love

To save me and give me life.

With so much love he looked for me

My most loving Shepherd,

That his blood shed

For ridding me of pain.

Instead of giving me punishment

That my guilt deserved,

Kind and compassionate

On his shoulders he carried me.

Now that he has saved me

And he has brought me back to his fold,

I am so happy by his side

That I adore him a thousand times.

Until in eternal glory

He can always look at you

And sing the sweet story

From the one who came to save me.

Friend you are not saved:

Jesus is looking for you today;

Come quickly, come to his side,

That with Him you will be happy.

  • Everyone has the opportunity to find their sense of faith, even if they have traveled a completely different path.

17. God keep us (Baltasar del Alcázar)

From which no one fires

and the one he asks for at nine

at ten he no longer owes him

nothing that asks for it:

Of which it is eaten that way

as if there was no late

God save us

Of which he does not give hope,

because it does not consent half

between hope and remedy,

that each other is not enough;

of whom since his upbringing

always hated to be late

God save us

Of which at such a point is

that suffers from everything,

and to the one who does not ask for it offers

what he asks of him gives;

of whom he says he is leaving

without asking, which is cowardly,

God save us.

The way he complains

of whom in his tender age

she stopped him from charity

and her exercises;

of which if she was a maiden

do not remember for being late,

God save us.

  • There is always someone who wants to stray us from the right path, who makes sin seem so attractive that we are close to derailing.

18. Campoamor (López de Ayala)

Your kindness, your pleasant treatment,

your face, your flowery wit,

Campoamor, they are a poison;

Well, being so disbelieving,

You shouldn't be that good

Today with your example you can see

more valid opinion

that it is easy to give

morality without religion,

and conscience without faith.

Man, don't inspire love!

I beg you for the living God ...

Get bad, please;

Well, you will not be so harmful ...

Being a little worse!

  • Just as there are religious people, there are also those who are atheists and this does not mean that they have bad intentions.

19. Christ, legislator (José Zorrilla)

Christ, the legislator, wrote nothing;

not even papyrus left a parchment:

His divine spirit remained behind him,

his faith with his immaculate memory.

Christ the king did not wield a scepter or sword;

in the dust he sowed his way

from his faith the seed; to his destiny

leaving it and at the time entrusted.

Germ of love, of peace, of faith and affection,

cult of the soul, internal religion,

of free splendor and worldly dressing,

it was spread by love, tender friendship,

the faith of the poor, the woman and the child:

and that is why she is truthful, unique, eternal.

  • The teachings of Christ are extremely valuable because he knew how to win the hearts of the people without having to impose himself on everyone with his power.

20. Loving colloquium (Saint Teresa of Jesus)

If the love that you have for me,

My God, he is like the one I have you,

Tell me: where do I stop?

Or you, what are you stopping at?

-Alma, what do you want from me?

-God, no more than seeing you.

-And what do you fear most about yourself?

-The thing I fear most is loosing you.

A hidden soul in God

What do you have to wish for,

but to love and more to love,

and in love all hidden

turn you back to love?

A love that occupies I ask of you,

My God, my soul has you,

to make a sweet nest

where it suits her best.

  • A poem that shows us the most devout surrender of a believing person to his faith for God. In such a way that nothing in the world can make you change.

21. It was too late for the Man (Emily Dickinson)

It was too late for Man

but still early for God

Creation, powerless to help

but the prayer was on our side

How excellent heaven

when the earth cannot be had

How hospitable, then, the face

from our old neighbor, God.

  • Perhaps even God's love itself has its limits. After all, if humans are hell-bent on destroying themselves, it only remains to start over by leaving aside those who do so much damage.

22. What do you want? (Calderon de la Barca)

What do I want, my Jesus... I want to love you,

I want everything in me to give you at all

without having more pleasure than pleasing you,

without having more fear than offending you.

I want to forget everything and meet you,

I want to leave everything to look for you,

I want to lose everything to find you,

I want to ignore everything to know you.

I want, lovable Jesus, to be abyssed

in that sweet hollow of your wound,

and in its divine flames burn me.

I want, finally, in You, to transfigure myself,

die to me, to live your life,

lose myself in You, Jesus, and not find myself.

  • An absolute surrender to faith and trust in the one who gave his life for the salvation of all humans on earth.

23. To God (Clemente Althaus)

Maybe to celebrate you

burning irresistible affection drags me:

more, vain numen and art,

imitate my imperfect,

I sing the drone of the insect steering wheel.

Short human lip

badly the praise of your greatness fits;

in Zion and near you,

the seraphim praise you;

But even he does not praise you worthily.

Loores and harmonies

worthy of you does not have the created;

only you could

to a sufficient degree,

because in him you know yourself, to be praised.

More of your creature

that in exile that relieves hope,

of your holy pure light

faint glimpse reaches,

Let the praise be humble silence.

  • True believers always keep in mind their humility before the grace of God.

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