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The 50 best phrases of Parmenides

Known as Parmenides of Elea, in Ancient Greek times, one of the most influential early philosophers of all. Despite having only written a single work, an epic poem in verse, which can only be appreciated through random fragments that have survived the passage of time, we can understand the power and wisdom of this that captivated many at the time and still continues to do so through its teachings.

A curiosity about the writings of this philosopher is that they are the most complete of all those characters of the pre-Socratic time, so his work is one of the most complete to be recreated. The two basic elements of him in his epic poem are about the truth and the opinions of the people.

Great quotes from Parmenides of Elea

Next, we will give a brief review of the best phrases of Parmenides that stand out the most from his work.

1. The same is thinking and being.

Thinking is a fundamental part of us. We cannot exist without our mind working.

2. Of what it is not, I will not let you say it or think it, because it is not possible to say or think that it is not.

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Things that cannot be thought do not exist.

3. Nor is it divisible, since it is all the same, nor is there more anywhere, which would prevent it from being continuous, nor less, but everything is full of what it is.

Things are as they appear, no more, no less.

4. And what need would have prompted him to be born sooner or later, starting from nothing?

A reference to the fact that we do not have control of our role in this world, nor the time where we are.

5. The same is every starting point for me, because I have to go back to it.

This phrase reminds us that every end is a beginning and we always return to the same place.

6. Give me the power to produce fever and I will cure all diseases.

There are resolutions that must be raised from force.

7. You will know the ethereal nature and, also in the ether, of all the signs and the destructive effects of the pure and clear torch of the sun and from where they have been generated.

Only through knowledge can we discover the great mysteries of life.

8. War is the art of destroying men, politics is the art of deceiving them.

The darker side of these two doctrines that have been manifested since ancient times.

9. We can only talk and think about what exists.

A very clear phrase. We can only know what is already there, even if it is now unknown.

10. Only one narrable path remains: what it is. And on this road there are abundant signs.

Every path traveled is the path we choose, even if it is unconsciously.

11. The same remains in the same, and rests in itself.

The things that are cannot be changed or transformed, as the philosopher puts it.

12. Nor will the force of faith ever allow something to be generated by its side from what it is not.

Faith is the trust we place in something that helps us move forward and hold onto our beliefs.

13. Change is an illusion.

For Parmenides, change is just a natural step that has to be taken.

14. There remains a story, a path: that is it. And on this path there are many signs that the being is uncreated and imperishable, whole, unique, unshakable and complete.

All roads lead us to have a transformation of our being.

15. Well, there is not nor will there be anything alien apart from what is.

Emphasizing his idea that things are as they are and not otherwise.

16. The same can be understood and can be.

Things can have two faces, depending on how much is known about them.

17. The reason will end up being right.

The truth always comes to light.

18. The Self cannot change. If the Being changes or moves, it ceases to be.

For Parmenides, our change is just a natural part of our path, but a detour from it is a loss of who we are.

19. What exists has not been created and is imperishable because it is a whole, complete and does not change.

Things that exist are destined to exist.

20. Being is finite and spherical. These ideas were probably taken from the Pythagoreans, who related these characteristics to the determinate.

Not everything can always be a rigid logic, much less in the dynamism of life.

21. The mares that carry me as far as my mind can carry me when, by leading me, they brought me to the path abundant in signs of the goddess.

A metaphor about your motivation to keep going.

22. A single story remains as a path: the Being is.

The 'Entity' is one of the concepts that Parmenides raises as part of the truth.

23. You must learn all things, the unshakeable heart of persuasive truth and the opinions of mortals where there is no guarantee.

Items to Pay Attention to by Parmenides.

24. To stare at things that, although distant, are still present in the mind.

Talking about those ideas that cross our mind.

25. The only avenues of investigation that there are to think about are: one, what it is and what it cannot be, this is the path of persuasion (because truth is its companion); the other, who is not and what should not be - this I tell you is a totally unknowable path.

The ways we think, according to the philosopher.

26. Everything there is has always existed.

Each thing has a place and time.

27. Because nothing different neither is, nor will be, next to what is; at least Fate bound him to be whole and immobile.

There are things that cannot change and that will always be how they manifest.

28. The same is that which can be thought and that for which the thought that is thought exists.

Each discovery arises from a minimal idea.

29. In it there are signs in abundance; that it, as it is, is unbegotten and imperishable, whole, unique, immutable and complete.

Talking about nature.

30. It was not or should not be different from what it is now, all at once, one and continuous.

Things now should not change, according to the Greek philosopher.

31. The universe, for those who knew how to encompass it from a single point of view, would not be, if he were to allow it to say so, more than a single fact and a great truth.

A reference to his view of the Universe.

32. Therefore, all these things are nothing more than the names that mortals have given them, believing them to be true.

The elements get the name that we give them.

33. Each thing is of the nature of nothing.

On the origin of things.

34. Do not let habit, born of experience, force you to follow this path, aimlessly directing your gaze and echoing in your ear and tongue; but judge by reason the controversial evidence of which I have spoken.

A reflection about falling into monotony.

35. Nothing can come from nothing.

Everything has a place of origin.

36. For the same thing is what can be thought and can be.

Every idea can be brought to reality.

37. Music that does not describe something is nothing but noise.

All music has feeling.

38. Without that which is, and at which point it is expressed, you will not find thinking.

Talking about the things that arise after being thought.

39. Let reason decide alone.

You have to listen to our reason.

40. This will never prevail, that things that are not - exclude your thinking from this path of inquiry.

The difficulty comes when we look for things that do not exist.

41. Something that exists cannot be converted into anything either.

Once something is alive it cannot disappear.

42. Well, you will never tame what it is not to be. But you, from this search path, remove the thought that you think.

According to Parmenides, it is impossible to control things that cannot be controlled.

43. This is why everything is continuous: because what is touches what is.

There are elements in this world that continue their course without interruption.

44. You cannot recognize non-being, you cannot talk about it, because thought and being are the same thing.

One of the most fixed ideas of the philosopher.

45. There is a missing story, a path, that is.

What we need is to follow a path that takes us forward.

46. Being cannot be more than "one", if it were something other than "one" it would be non-being.

Being and truth as oneself.

47. I was taken there, because the very intelligent mares that pull my cart took me there, while some maidens showed me the way.

A reference towards following the opportunities that are presented to us.

48. On this path there are many signs in which the being is not created and is imperishable, whole, unique, firm and complete.

No one can assure his future.

49. It never was, nor will it ever be, since it is, now, together, one, continuous.

Things do not exist if it is not in the now.

50. Neither generating nor perishing does Justice allow him, releasing his chains, but rather has him subject.

Justice must be ruthless.

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