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The 10 best Detox Clinics in Castellón

The Vidanova Association is a psychology clinic specialized in addictive disorders that has been serving adults of all ages to overcome their addiction problems for more than 10 years.

The services of this center are offered online with all possible comforts for the client and are based at all times on your particular needs, applying the best efficacy therapies proven.

The main specialties of the Vidanova Association are cases of alcoholism and substance abuse, family conflicts, low self-esteem, sex addiction, video game addiction and codependency.

The addiction treatment center Llaurant La Llum It has more than 35 years of experience since it opened its doors and is currently one of the most prominent in the Valencian Community.

Its multidisciplinary team of professionals is specialized in serving online adults from any age who may have any type of addictive disorder, as well as other disorders associates.

In this center you will find the most appropriate therapist to treat cases of alcoholism, addiction to cocaine, gambling, internet or video game addiction, drug addiction, insomnia, and anxiety.

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The Psychology Clinic G. NOaddictions is directed by the prestigious psychologist Sara meca and has a team of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in telematically attending to any type of consultation in adolescents, adults and also families.

This center has more than 10 years of experience treating all types of addictive disorders and also offering an addiction prevention service in the educational centers of the Community Valencian.

His interventions are based on the joint application of various highly effective therapies, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or Family Therapy and Couple, with whom they deal with cases of gambling, alcoholism, addiction to the internet and video games, substance abuse, dual diagnosis and relapses.

The General Health Psychologist Maria Ramon She has a degree in Psychology and Speech Therapy from the Catholic University of Valencia and is currently part of the team of professionals at the center Healthy Center, where he treats all kinds of addictions in people of any age.

Their intervention is integrative in nature and is based on the joint application of various highly effective therapies such as Cognitive-behavioral Therapy or Positive Psychology, all of them adapted to the needs of each client.

In your consultation you will find a professional specialized in treating addictions of all kinds, as well as cases of emotional dependence, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and deficits in management emotional.

The center Alter Psychology & Health It opened its doors more than 10 years ago and currently offers an online therapy service for adults of all ages who may have any type of addiction.

The intervention of this center is based on direct collaboration between therapists, client and their family and social environment, with the aim of carrying out a totally individualized treatment according to the needs of the person attended.

The professionals at the Alter Psicología & Salud center are specialized in attending to cases of drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, dual diagnosis, codependency, and drug abuse substances.

The psychologist Luis Miguel Real Kotbani He graduated in Psychology from the University of Valencia, he has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Center for Behavior Therapy and also has a Master in Research, Treatment and Associated Pathology in Drug Addiction from the University of Valencia.

Throughout his career, this professional has been trained in different countries in the treatment of drug addictions. all kinds and currently their services are offered online to adolescents, adults and people of the third age.

In your consultation you will find a therapist specialized in dealing with cases of drug addiction, internet and video game addiction, sex addiction, alcoholism and gambling.

The detox center IVATAD de Valencia also has a select team of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in treating all types of chemical and behavioral addictions.

The services of this center are offered online with all possible comforts for the client and some of the main specialties of its professionals are alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction and addiction to sex.

The center Amigó Project has been treating drug addiction cases in people of all ages for 30 years and its objectives have been from day one detoxification, personal development of the client and its integration into the society.

The intervention of the center is based on involving the family of the person attended, since their support is of great important in treating cases of alcoholism, drug addiction, cocaine addiction, or gambling.

The Los Granados Therapeutic Center offers a residential confinement regime for all those who wish to overcome their addictive disorders.

This center has a team of highly qualified professionals who offer their services 24 hours a day. day and whose specialties are cases of drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling and disorders of conduct.

The Addiction Syndrome is a detoxification center specialized in successfully treating cases of alcoholism, the cannabis or cocaine addiction, sex addiction, gambling or addiction to new technologies.

The center's team of professionals is specialized in applying Third Generation Therapies, offering an intervention adapted at all times to the specificities of each client.

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