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The 27 best phrases of George Best

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George Best is possibly the most important player in the history of Northern Ireland, and one of the most iconic British players of all time. He was mainly active in Manchester United, where he won several titles.

In addition to his great soccer skills, he also stood out for his dark side, a life marked by alcohol.

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The best phrases of George Best

He passed away in 2005, but throughout his life he left mythical phrases. In this article you can find them.

The best quotes uttered by George Best are as follows.

1. Pelé said that he thought that I am the best player in history. I've always thought that he was the best player, it's the way you have to see it. I have never looked at another player and felt inferior

One of the characteristics of this player was his high self-confidenceto. It is what took him to the top of the world of football.

2. If I was born ugly, you would not have heard of Pelé

Pelé is considered the best player in the history of football; however, Best was considered by many to be an incredible player as well. Both coincided in his football stage.

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3. He had a house near the sea, but to go to the beach you had to walk past a bar. I never bathed

Besides being a great player, he was also controversial and prone to parties.

4. If soccer is an art then I am an artist

It is clear that George Best was not exactly humble. Although he was actually a great player.

5. Love is about mutual respect apart from attraction

A date in which the player philosophizes what is love And what does it consist of.

6. Maybe "lonely" is too strong a word, but I've always enjoyed being alone.

A confession from this former Manchester United player.

7. Every time I enter a place there are sixty people who want to invite me to drink, and I can't say no

George Best, like other famous British players, had a serious drinking problem.

8. My biggest goal is for my father to think I was the best, and he thinks so

Best fought very hard to reach the top of football and he got it.

9. He cannot finish off with his left foot. He cannot finish off with his head. He does not go in to steal balls and he does not score many goals. Other than that it's alright

This phrase is addressed to David Beckham, another legendary Man U player.

10. That's what young children do: throw food. That is not fighting. We are men. We fought.

In reference to the 'Battle of the Buffet', which he featured players from Man United and Arsenal.

11. I'd give all the champagne I've ever had to play with him at Old Trafford

With this quote he was referring to the also emblematic United player, Eric Cantona.

12. He never went out in the morning with the intention of getting drunk. It just happened

Drinking and alcohol were an important part of the life of this controversial footballer.

13. I've stopped drinking, but only while I'm asleep

Again, a quote that refers to his drinking problems.

14. In 1969 I gave up women and drinking, but it was the worst twenty minutes of my life

Alcohol harms people's lives when they abuse it. It was speculated that his death was a consequence of his bad habits. He actually was, but he died of a pill overdose.

15. I once said that "Gazza's" IQ was less than his jersey number and he asked me: What is IQ?

Paul Gascoigne was also a controversial British player with serious drinking problems.

16. He had a house on the coast, but to go to the beach you had to walk past a bar. I never bathed

This player enjoyed the same on the pitch as in a "pub".

17. Don't die like me

One of the last phrases that he released publicly.

19. I was born with a great gift and sometimes that comes with a destructive streak

When you have everything in life and you don't know how to manage success, it can bring you bad consequences.

20. You can't trust many people

There is everything in the vineyard of the Lord. But when you are known and famous, there are people who want to take advantage of your position.

21. I always wanted more, more of everything

It also happens that when you have everything, you want more and you are not happy.

22. When I go, people will forget all the garbage and only remember football

When someone passes away, people remember the positive things in their life.

23. It is not true that I slept with six Miss Worlds. It was only three

In addition to his problems with alcohol, this character was also a womanizer.

24. If you make up your own mind, you can only blame yourself

In reference to the mistakes he made in life, which were many.

25. Soccer is a sad game

When money is involved, football stops being a sport and becomes a business.

26. I spent a lot of money on cars, women, and alcohol. The rest I just wasted

A few words in an ironic tone about some mistakes in his life.

27. I definitely don't think money can buy love. It can buy affection, but not love

Love is a very deep feeling, which is born from the soul. It cannot be fooled.

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