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70 phrases about enjoying life

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This selection of phrases about enjoying life they invite us to have a new opportunity every morning to savor that fun side of existence. From time to time, leaving worries behind and valuing each moment as a gift brings us closer to happiness.

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70 phrases of enjoying life

Optimism, resilience, living in the here and now and flowing are elements that we must integrate into our lives to fully enjoy what our day to day offers us. And there have been many authors, thinkers and important figures in history in general who have wanted to put into words invitations to experience that pleasant side of the everyday life.

Below you will find the best phrases to enjoy life, those that will encourage get carried away by pleasant sensations, written or pronounced by such important figures as Jack Kerpuac, Hans Christian Andersen or Friedrich Nietzsche.

1. Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life (Teri Garr)

A tip very much in line with the theme by art by Teri Garr.

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2. Man is pleased to list his sorrows, but does not list his joys (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

We should also look at them.

3. I am a person, really, very optimistic and very, very positive. My main goal is: 'enjoy life. Celebrate it '(Luke Bryan)

A phrase to enjoy life very honest, focused on what is important.

4. I can only hope to be 10 percent of what my mother was to me. She encouraged me to be safe and enjoy life. That's what I want for my son (Charlize Theron)

An empowerment based on the achievements of fathers and mothers.

5. I love people who enjoy life, because I do the same (Lil Wayne)

A way to identify with those who have the same philosophy of life.

6. One can waste life in stuffy rooms, searching for dark truths, searching, investigating, until one is too old to enjoy life (Jimmy Sangster)

When is the weather that makes reflect on whether or not you are really enjoying life.

7. I am just a human person who comes down to earth to enjoy life... with whatever God wants to bless him. Enjoying life for me is normal (Mohamed Al-Fayed)

A reflection on gratitude.

8. If you are going to be a failure, at least be one in something that you enjoy (Sylvester Stallone)

We have little time, so better not to focus on the fear of losing.

9. It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy, what makes happiness (Charles Spurgeon)

When we pay attention to what really matters.

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10. You have to enjoy life. Always be surrounded by people you like, people who have a nice conversation. There are so many positive things to think about! (Sophia Loren)

The company of people who nurture our existence is very important to have a full life.

11. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined (Henry David Thoreau)

When you project your dreams it is easier to realize them.

12. Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now (Earl Nightingale)

It is what counts to give meaning to our existence.

13. Today I'm going to do something just for fun. I'm going to find something to do that is just for me and I won't worry about what I should be doing. I'm going to learn to make myself feel good and enjoy life to the fullest (Melody Beattie)

A commitment to our life.

14. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we know how to really enjoy life (Michael Palmer)

In difficult situations we learn the value of full moments. Focus on them.

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15. Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life (Avril Lavigne)

Although, like a roller coaster, life has variable situations, that is where its value lies.

16. All things happen in due time. Everything in life happens in the time allotted for it. Don't waste energy worrying about the bottom line. Worry only distracts you from living day to day and enjoying life! (James Van Praagh)

If something bad has to happen then we can't help it, better focus on solutions.

17. If we learn to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year... Today should always be our most wonderful day (Thomas Dreier)

And many times learning this has nothing to do with molds, you have to embark on an adventure.

18. Please be careful with others, love and forgive everyone. It's a good life, enjoy it (Jim Henson)

In everything we do, let us try to be considerate.

19. The sole purpose of writing is to enable readers to enjoy life better or to bear it better) (Samuel Johnson)

... as it becomes a tool for expression.

20. The purpose of life is to live it, savor the experience to the fullest, to arrive with interest and without fear of new and rich experiences (Eleanor Roosevelt)

One of those phrases about enjoying life that focus on what is important in existence: action.

21. Just enjoy life and the great pleasures that come with it (Karolina Kurkova)

How long can you wait for this?

22. I enjoy life when things are happening. I don't care if it's good things or bad things. That means you are alive (Joan Rivers)

Live from each moment and emotion. Being present reaffirms our existence.

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23. Find the ecstasy of life; the mere sensation of living is joy enough (Emily Dickinson)

Dickinson invites us to throw them into the pool of pleasure in life.

24. No man is a failure if he enjoys life (William Feather)

That little detail can be the difference between a gray or intensely colorful life.

25. I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are (Diane von Furstenberg)

The less things we have, the less are the worries.

26. Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it (Bernard Meltzer)

Since in you can count happiness in the joy of the other.

27. Slow down and enjoy life. Not only is the landscape that you lose when you go fast, you also lose the sense of where and why you are going (Eddie Cantor)

About walking slowly, enjoying every moment, reviewing our priorities so we don't get lost along the way.

28. Enjoy life. There is plenty of time to be dead (Hans Christian Andersen)

Sage advice from this famous storyteller.

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29. There is a strange reluctance on the part of most people to admit that they enjoy life (William Lyon Phelps)

It is not something to feel bad about. It is something for which we have come into the world.

30. Let's celebrate every occasion with wine and sweet words (Plautus)

A reflection of one of Rome's renowned thinkers.

31. I've never really taken anything very seriously. I enjoy life because I like to make other people enjoy it (Tim Conway)

A declaration of intent.

32. If you are always strict with yourself, life becomes miserable. And we are supposed to enjoy life (Mia Maestro)

Break some rules, nothing happens if we look at that place that was forbidden to us for some reason.

33. The safest thing is to do nothing against your conscience. With this secret, we can enjoy life and not be afraid of death (Voltaire)

This phrase invites us to enjoy a life respecting our nature.

34. If we like what we do, if we always do our best, then we are really enjoying life. We have fun, we are not bored, we do not have frustrations (Miguel Angel Ruiz)

When we like something we put so much care in it that it is not a burden or boredom.

35. You can't enjoy life if you don't feed your body (Tracey Gold)

In this phrase of enjoy life, he brings us closer to the idea that there are aspects in our life that we cannot neglect.

36. We are so busy looking outward at what is right in front of us that we don't take the time to enjoy where we are (Bill Watterson)

Sometimes happiness lies in the simplicity of life and that is often within our power.

37. The most important thing is to enjoy life - to be happy - is all that matters (Audrey Hepburn)

For this actress, this is the importance of our existence.

38. Oh how sweet it is to enjoy life, to live in honesty and fortitude! (Gautama Buddha)

When we incorporate valuable values ​​into our life to make it fuller and more meaningful.

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39. My theory is to enjoy life, but practice is against it (Charles Lamb)

When there are things that do not allow us to be honest with our feelings.

40. There is nothing as tragic as being alive and not enjoying life... Life should be celebrated! (Joyce Meyer)

One of the worst time wasters.

41. Finally, I realized that the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it (Rita Mae Brown)

After knowing that funny side of life, we recognize that it is the center of this.

42. Being thin is not more important than enjoying life (Mariska Hargitay)

There are more important and true things than focusing on this detail.

43. The secret to enjoying life is having an interest in it (Thomas Troward)

You want to experience the pure value that it possesses.

44. Once you see the child's self-image, he begins to improve, he will see significant progress in the areas of achievements, but more importantly, you will see a child who is beginning to enjoy life more (Wayne Dyer)

This phrase of enjoying life gives us a different perspective.

45. When you live with beautiful things, you stimulate your mind, you enjoy life a little more (Ralph Rucci)

From the beautiful and intense we are inspired to improve.

46. I relax and enjoy life. I know that everything I need to know has been revealed to me in the sequence of time and space, perfect (Louise Hay)

This experience is a gift, take it and enjoy it.

47. Those who fear death the most are those who enjoy life the least (Edward Abbey)

... because they are not careful to avoid it and in that journey they cancel out before life.

48. Enjoy life. Have fun. Be nice. Have courage. Have friends Be honest. Laugh Die with dignity. Do your best. That's all we have. (Ricky Gervais)

Helpful steps to enjoy life.

49. Don't drink to get drunk. Drink to enjoy life (Jack Kerouac)

The goal is to avoid deceptive situations that disturb states of happiness. Face life with the tools you have.

50. Enjoy life, and be careful what you ask for, remember that you will get everything. (Pete Townshend)

For that reason, we must meditate well what we long for.

51. Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Pray. Trust in God. Enjoy life. Don't let the little things put you off (Nicky Gumbel)

This phrase invites us to open ourselves to all possibilities to live fully.

52. If you go around the world in fear, you will never enjoy life. You have only one chance, therefore, you have to have fun (Lindsey Vonn)

Life is too short to be left with fears.

53. To enjoy life, you do not need nonsensical fantasies, but you do need to control your time and realize that most things are not as serious as you make them seem (Tim Ferriss)

Relax and adjust the conditions to better enjoy this life.

54. If we are ever going to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow, not next year, or in some future life after we have died. The best preparation for a better life next year is a total, complete, harmonious and joyful life this year. Our beliefs in an afterlife are of little importance, unless we coin a sumptuous present. Today should always be our most wonderful day (Thomas Dreier)

The here and now as the central object of our happiness.

55. Have lots of fun and laughter in your entire existence. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured (Gordon B. Hinckley)

So surrender to the experience and accompany your best emotions.

56. There is only one life; therefore, it is perfect (Paul Éluard)

Whatever you had to live.

57. I want to give my children the world, but I also want them to appreciate everything, to be successful, to be good people, to enjoy life. This is my most important role. If I fail at this one, I fail at everything (Mark Wahlberg)

When to appreciate life depends on our personal qualities.

58. Enjoy life. This is not a rehearsal. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

We don't keep anything to ourselves, because we may never be able to use it.

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59. I believe that each person should be able to enjoy life. Try to decide what you like to do the most, and then look around to see if there is a job to do. which could prepare himself, that allows him to continue having this kind of joy (Linus Pauling)

Living to do what we like is one of the greatest pleasures we can enjoy.

60. Celebration is our way of receiving the gifts of existence (Osho)

Then let's have a constant celebration since life is very generous.

61. Fear is the price that the brave pay to enjoy lives that make history (Robin Sharma)

On the importance of knowing the antagonistic to give value to each moment in life.

62. My personal ambition remains the same: to be creative, to be modern, to be one step ahead, to enjoy life. (Natalie Massenet)

When this becomes a lifestyle.

63. Enjoying life is not about finding the answers but about living the questions (Sue Margolis)

An interesting perspective to live our experiences.

64. Enjoy life, it has an expiration date (Zayn Malik)

And it's called death and it can come at any moment.

65. There are two components that are fundamental to enjoying life and feeling good about yourself: continuous learning and service (Tim Ferris)

Three aspects that focus on oneself, on what we collect and on the other.

66. You cannot compare athletic performance with the importance of children and giving them a safe environment in which to grow up and enjoy life (Steffi Graf)

This phrase of enjoying life Graf believes it is so important to ensure this in the lives of children.

67. No man is fast enough to enjoy life (Martial)

Everything takes a while.

68. I am who I am, I enjoy life in my own way, and that is much more than most can say about themselves (Pablo Tusset)

It is our duty to get to know each other to find that unique way to be happy.

69. Acquiring the trick of listening to birds will teach you the best way to enjoy life and the best way to endure it (Simon Barnes)

An excellent exercise in which you will test patience, a taste for details and to value the here and now.

70. Enjoy life, because life is phenomenal! It is a magnificent journey! (Bob Proctor)

This phrase of enjoying life invites us to launch into that experience from Proctor's point of view.

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