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Psychologists in Alhaurín de la Torre

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Psychology Cabinets since 1995

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Psychology Office of the Málaga PsicoAbreu Psychologists Group located in Teatinos, leaders in psychological therapy since 1995. We offer a quality psychological care service, guided by Psychologists in Malaga specialized in Clinical Psychology and highly qualified who, through an effective integrative therapy, we help you solve all those psychological questions that you affect. This Teatinos Psychological Cabinet offers modern and current facilities, in keeping with the style of the location. Presenting thus, Psicólogos Málaga PsicoAbreu with a renewed image, but preserving the quality and effective services that have always characterized the cabinet.


My name is Cele, I am the director and psychologist of Espacio Sanarte. Currently I have done the Gestalt Art therapy training. I do individual therapy such as couples therapy, as well as personal growth workshops. From Espacio Sanarte I want to accompany you in your personal process. Discover who you are, release ties, resolve conflicts, identify patterns, show yourself your resources... and all of this is a journey towards yourself. I believe in personal growth and accompanied people who encounter difficulties at some point in their life.

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