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The best 10 Psychologists in Juárez (Mexico City)

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The psychologist Jimena Beltran She has extensive experience in working together with the person to overcome all their problems, offering therapy both in person and online. Her intervention is aimed at adults, couples and families, and is offered through a systemic approach.

In addition to that, among her main intervention specialties we can highlight cases of depression, emotional dependence, work stress and also break-ups.

At the psychologist's office Jennifer Apolinar We will find a professional therapist specialized in offering a specialized psychological care service for children, adults and couples who may need it.

Among the consultations that this professional addresses in her center, we can highlight cases of depression or anxiety, enuresis or deficits in the control of the sphincters and cases of breakup or divorce.

The psychologist Altagracia Colorado Diaz She is an expert in caring for children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and also couples through a therapy of the type Cognitive-behavioral, with great empirical results and highly recommended by intervention professionals psychological.

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Thus, some of the queries that this professional will address in her workplace, both in person and in person line, are panic attacks, chronic depression, cases of bullying and obsessive-type disorder compulsive.

The psychologist Hugo Silva He is part of the multidisciplinary team of therapists at the Centro Integral de Psicología, where he offers an individual, family and couples therapy service through systemic therapy relational.

Among the queries that this professional will attend to at his workplace, we can highlight anxiety disorders, depression, communication problems in the couple or family, and learning to build healthy relationships from partner.

The psychologist Daniela lopez She is a specialist in offering a professional care service indicated for women who have suffered any type of domestic violence, as well as for the LGTB community.

Some of her main intervention specialties are cases of depression or anxiety, cases of sexual or intimate partner violence and also the processes of mourning for the death of a person Dear.

The psychologist Adriana Herrera Sánchez will serve adolescents, children from 6 years old, adults and also couples who are going through a bad time in their relationship, both in person and on-line.

Thus, among the queries that this professional attends most frequently, we can highlight the cases of depression, panic attacks, disorders of sexual development and cases of stress labor.

The psychologist Yajhaira Garcia is specialized in meeting any type of demand in the field of clinical psychology and also in the business field, both in person and online.

Among her specialties, we highlight cases of relationship crisis, stress at work, cases of sexual harassment and emotional problems of all kinds.

The psychologist Concepción Zepeda Espinosa serves people of all ages, as well as families and couples through therapy adapted to the characteristics of each case.

Among his specialties we can highlight cases of bullying, panic attacks, serious depression and emotional dependence.

The psychologist Irene Camacho Rivera He has to his credit an experience of more than 20 years in which he has specialized in serving adolescents, whatever their query.

Some of her intervention specialties are depression, aggressive consultation, post-traumatic stress disorder, and conduct disorders.

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