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The best 14 Psychologists in Torremolinos

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The psychologist Tereza Lindberg He has a Master's Degree in Health Psychology from the University of Malaga and has a Training Course in Gestalt Therapy, guidance that integrates with other therapies of proven efficacy such as Cognitive-behavioral, one of the ones that offers better results.

His intervention is aimed at adults and adolescents and its main mission is to set weekly goals to overcome the problems of each person together with the abilities and internal potentialities of her to do so possible.

In addition to that, she attends her consultation in Spanish, English and Swedish, and some of her specialties from intervention are anxiety and depression disorders, self-esteem deficits, and family or conflict conflicts. partner.

Desirée Infante She is a psychologist and neuropsychologist, and attends patients of all ages, and attends in Torremolinos and the Malaga area, although she also performs online therapy. In addition to having a degree in Psychology, she has a Master's degree in Neuropsychology and another Master's degree in General Health Psychology.

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As a psychotherapist, this professional works based on the methods and intervention strategies of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Thus, she can help people with problems such as depression, anxiety disorders and phobias, low self-esteem, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, ADHD, and more.

In the field of child therapy, she works offering help to boys and girls with problems of school failure or learning disorders, and performs rehabilitation in child neuropsychology.

Adrián Muñoz Pozo She is a psychologist specialized in contextual therapies, and more specifically, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He offers psychotherapeutic support both in person and through online therapy by video call.

This professional cares for adult patients who may be experiencing problems such as depression, low self-esteem, job stress, Eating Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and more. She also does couples therapy.

Silvia Martínez Muñoz She is a psychologist with a decade of experience in patient care, both in individual psychotherapy sessions and in couples therapy and intervention in family conflicts. You can count on their professional support both in person and through the online format by video call.

Among the problems that this professional addresses are the forms of discomfort linked to anxiety and phobias, relationship crises, low self-esteem, depression, dependence emotional, and more.

The psychologist Genoveva Navarro serves people of all ages for more than 15 years, during which time it has perfected her psychoanalytic intervention to successfully treat all kinds of problems and disorders specific.

His therapy sessions are also offered online and some of his intervention specialties are disorders of the eating behavior, learning disorders, relationship problems, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders cheer up.

Javier Alvarez She is a General Health Psychologist and among her qualifications, a Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, a Postgraduate specialization in Couples Therapy, another in Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming and a training course in Therapy Family.

In her consultation, she attends to all kinds of problems and disorders, both emotional and behavioral in adults, couples and families, all through the integrated application of different therapies of proven efficacy, being Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, one of the most used in its consultation.

In addition to that, his intervention is also offered online and some of his main specialties are self-esteem problems, couple crises, cases of depression, family conflicts and disorders of the sexual conduct.

The psychologist Juan Jesus Ruiz Cornello He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Malaga, a Master in Health Psychology, a Master in Personal and Group Coaching by the same university and she also has a Training Course in Forensic Psychology by the CUP.

Juan Jesús Ruiz Cornello is a founding partner of Equipo de Versiona Psicología y Coaching, where he serves people of all ages. In addition to that, she is Coordinator of practices of the students of the Master of Personal and Group Coaching of the University of Malaga, teacher and also a lecturer.

Her intervention is based on Integrated Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy along with other effective guidelines, with which she attends to the anxiety and depression disorders, self-esteem problems, emotional problems, bullying or problems of the sexuality.

Loly Pastor She is a general health psychologist who offers quality psychological care to patients of all ages, in a professional and efficient manner. Anyone who wants to know her, should know that throughout her career, she has been combining training personal with the exercise of psychology, and the main specialties of it are the treatment of children and teenagers.

The main disorders that Loly Pastor addresses in her consultation are: depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, personality disorders, phobias, bullying, psychological abuse, eating disorders and addictive disorders, among others.

The psychologist Grace Maria Giráldez García is the director of the Giraldez Psychologists center and she has 20 years of experience treating patients of all ages, including families and couples. As a specialist in EMDR therapy, legal psychology, and an expert in designing and delivering courses and workshops, she offers high-quality psychological care.

The most frequent treatments offered by Gracia María Giráldez García are, among others: anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, workplace bullying, impulse control disorders, addictive disorders, sleep disorders, sexual disorders, vital seizures, and disorder obsessive compulsive.

The psychologist Sara Berrocal Venezuela Throughout her career, she has combined work in different psychology centers, coaching and training. Among her specializations, we find leadership, emotional management and empowerment.

Among the wide variety of disorders that this psychologist addresses in her consultation, in patients of all ages, we can highlight: anxiety disorders, phobias, low self-esteem, behavior disorders in children, behavior problems, relationship crises in the couple, stress, panic attacks and duel.

The psychologist Nieves López-Brea Serrat She has 15 years of experience in treating patients of all ages, among her extensive training, we can highlight: the specialty in child neuropsychology, emotional intelligence and gender violence.

Some of her treatment specialties are: chronic depression, anxiety disorders, addictive disorders, agoraphobia, social phobia, somatoform pain disorder, personality disorders and disorder obsessive compulsive.

Silvia Garcia Flores It is another highly recommended option. This clinical psychologist is an expert in child psychology, although she offers therapeutic treatment to patients of all ages and also to couples in need.

There are many disorders that he treats in his office, among the main ones, we highlight: low self-esteem, deficits in social skills, bullying, stress, relationship problems, anxiety, and new addictions technologies.

The psychologist Rachel Sanchez he is an expert in neuropsychological evaluation and in the treatment of mental disorders.

His therapy is aimed at patients of all ages, and some of the disorders he addresses are: anxiety and depression, addictions, behavior problems in children and adolescents, phobias, eating disorders, sexual disorders and sleep disorders.

The general health psychologist Andres Espinosa offers individualized professional treatment and couples, based on the integrative humanistic psychotherapeutic approach.

The main disorders it addresses are: grief, anxiety disorders, depression, relationship problems, couple crises and phobias.

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