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The 30 best phrases of Louis Pasteur

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In this compilation of phrases by Louis Pasteur We will see fragments of the thought of this recognized scientist. Reflections on knowledge, the universe, psychology and many other interesting fields.

Who was Louis Pasteur?

Louis Pasteur was a French chemist, best known for being the father of microbiology and the greatest exponent of modern medicine. This last fact is due to the contributions of this scientist to the theory of the microbial origin of diseases infectious, which explains that the cause of these diseases is the penetration of environmental pathogens into the body healthy.

Besides, him too Awarded the credit for pasteurization, the thermal process that milk undergoes to reduce the bacteria it has.

Louis Pasteur quotes

Throughout his life, this famous historical figure spoke and wrote many well-known phrases. In this article we review them:

1. I want to share with you the secret that has led me to achieve all my goals: my strength resides solely in my tenacity

Tenacity is, for many people, one of the most valued qualities of those when it comes to achieving success.

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2. A little science leads away from God, but a lot of science returns to Him

An apparent paradox contained in a sentence about the divine and its relationship with science.

3. Wondering is the first step to a discovery

According to Pasteur, admiration is the beginning of the discovery.

4. Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and it is the torch that illuminates the world

One of several phrases by Louis Pasteur that emphasizes the following idea: scientific knowledge must be objective and, therefore, sincere.

5. The universe is asymmetric and I am convinced that life is a direct result of the asymmetry of the universe, or of its indirect consequences

A phrase pronounced by Louis Pasteur that invites reflection.

6. Applied sciences do not exist, only the applications of science

A reflection on what defines the concept of science.

7. In the field of research, chance favors only prepared spirits

In research, it is necessary to minimize the probability of error and the influence of variables that are not of interest to measure.

8. If I don't know a thing, I will investigate it

We cannot know everything. Research helps us discover.

9. True friends have to get mad from time to time

10. It is the overcoming of difficulties that makes heroes

No matter how many times you fall, you have to get up and fight.

11. I am absolutely convinced that science and peace triumph over ignorance and war, that nations will join forces with in the long run not to destroy but to build, and that the future belongs to those who have done much for the good of the humanity

Although it may seem like a utopia, one of Pasteur's wishes is that people come together to create a better world.

12. Chance favors a well-trained mind

People who strive are those who are lucky.

13. Chance is something to look for

Luck does not appear by magic, you have to chase it.

14. Do not avoid your children the difficulties of life, rather teach them to overcome them

Overcoming the difficulties that life presents makes people grow as human beings.

15. Science is the future of humanity

Scientific findings help humans live better. This phrase of Pasteur indicates the useful character of science.

16. Fortune plays in favor of a prepared mind

Luck is the consequence of taking the appropriate steps.

17. The more I look at nature, the more I admire the creator

Nature is one of the best things that human beings can enjoy.

18. It is not the profession that honors man. He is the man who lives up to the profession

The honorable person is the one who shows that he is prepared to practice his profession.

19. I'm on the edge of mysteries and the veil is getting thinner and thinner

Louis Pasteur was always a curious person, as his findings show.

20. A wine is the healthiest and most hygienic of drinks

Pasteur already made it clear that drinking wine in moderation is beneficial for the body.

21. It is overcoming difficulties that makes people great

When we get up after falls, experiences serve as learning.

22. Without laboratories, men of science are like soldiers without weapons

For Louis Pasteur, science only makes sense from the experimental context of the laboratory.

23. Science is the soul of the prosperity of nations and the source of all progress

The history of human beings changes thanks to scientific discoveries.

24. Do not affirm anything that cannot be proved simply and decisively

Something may not be credible until proven.

25. Two contrary laws seem to be fighting each other today. One is a law of blood and death that constantly imagines new means of destruction and forces nations to be constantly prepared for the battlefield. The other is a law of peace

Peace and war are part of the nature of the human being, according to this researcher.

26. The greatness of human actions is proportional to the inspiration that produces them

Not everything we do is memorable. Innovative things are remembered.

27. In the field of observation, luck belongs to the intelligent

People with a lively mind are the most successful at discovering details that often go unnoticed.

28. Veterinarians have it easier. At the very least, they are not misled by the opinions of their relatives.

An ironic quote in reference to people who visit doctors.

29. Happy is he who carries within himself a God, an ideal of beauty that follows: ideal of art, ideal of science, the ideal house, ideal of evangelical virtues. These are the life springs of great thoughts and great actions. They all reflect the light of infinity

Another of Louis Pasteur's phrases with a religious sense. In this case, he talks about the nature of the divine and its implications for man and his senses.

30. Cultivate a critical spirit. Reduced to itself, it is neither an awakening of ideas nor a stimulus for great works, but without it, everything is out of date

Critical thinking is necessary to develop ourselves as people.

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