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The 9 best Psychologists who are experts in social skills in Jaén

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The psychologist Immaculate Martos Candela She has an experience of more than 10 years and has to her credit a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Cognitive-behavioral orientation, one of the most recommended for its positive results and evidence scientific

Some of her intervention specialties are problems derived from lack of skills shyness, social phobia, self-esteem problems and cases of depression or anxiety.

The psychologist Mariola Fernandez Sanchez She bases her work on believing and making anyone believe that change in any aspect of her life is possible and on offering the necessary tools to achieve it. Her intervention is cognitive-behavioral based, based on modifying the person's current thoughts and is offered to adults, families and couples.

Some of the services that she offers, both in person and online, is intervention in phobias, especially social phobia, deficits in social skills, anxiety at work and relationship problems in general.

The psychologist Maria del Mar Garcia Delgado

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She has a Master's degree in Psychological intervention in the Clinical and Health field and in her consultation she offers professional care to people of all ages through an integrative intervention on a cognitive-behavioral basis, one of its main specialties being relationship problems and skills deficits social.

In addition to that, this professional is also an expert in addressing affective difficulties, emotional problems, learning difficulties, and self-esteem problems.

The psychologist Agustin Jimenez Diaz She is a specialist in Clinical Psychology by the Specialized Health Training System and has with extensive experience serving people of all ages through an approach cognitive-behavioral.

Among the services offered by this professional, the intervention in all those problems related to the lack of skills stands out. social or relationship problems, such as social phobia and agoraphobia, panic attacks, selective mutism, or dependency emotional.

The psychologist Esther Peribañez Serna She attends to adults, adolescents and couples through a cognitive-behavioral intervention that is also focused on solutions, offered both in person and online.

Some of her most notable specialties are the training she offers in social and social skills. relationship improvement, intervention in self-esteem problems and obsessive compulsive disorders.

The psychologist Luis Francisco Navío Serrano He has extensive experience in the field of private practice psychotherapy and also offers a personal and executive coaching service.

His specialties include training in social skills both in the personal and work environment, training in techniques when speaking in public, as well as intervention in phobias, panic attacks and obsessive-type disorders compulsive.

The psychologist Maria Pilar Vega Murcia She has a Master's degree in Behavioral Therapy and is an expert in offering therapeutic strategies in communication and social skills.

Other of her related specialties are cases of social phobia and agoraphobia, social isolation and conduct disorders.

The psychologist Marisa Gómez Armenteros She also attends to all kinds of problems related to deficits in social skills in adults and adolescents.

Other of her specialties are trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder and also cases of stress and relationship problems.

The psychologist Paula Sánchez Piazuelo treats any type of disorder in the field of social skills in people of all ages.

Some of her specialties are agoraphobia and social phobia, panic attacks and cases of night terror.

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