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8 signs that a man likes you

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There is always talk of the "innate" ability of women to detect when a man is interested in them. exist a series of gestures, signals and signs that men cannot avoid doing when they are around a girl that drives them crazy.

But, despite the fact that some signs are quite obvious, many women have trouble knowing whether a guy is interested in them, or not. The information can be ambiguous at times, to the point where many girls do not quite know if there is physical attraction, or a simple friendship.

Does that boy like you? Signs that can help you know

To clarify these aspects that are unequivocal signs of attraction, we have prepared this small guide so that you know when a man really likes you, with a high degree of reliability.

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1. Permanent smile

A classic. If the man in front of you can't stop smiling when you are around, for no apparent reason, he may like you, a lot. The smile is one of the essential ways to express that another person causes us good feelings.

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If he likes to talk to you, he usually comes over to ask you anything and he has a high mood when he is by your side... it is very likely that he feels something special for you.

2. It fixes on your mouth

A more subtle signal, but one that is also a good indicator to know if he likes you. If when you talk he fixes a lot on your lips and your mouth, it may be a sign that he likes you.

If he looks at your mouth, he will most likely want to kiss you. Obviously this does not mean that anyone looking at your lips is desperately wanting give you a kiss, but it can be a sign that, added to others, can be enough indications for you to begin to think that there is attraction in the environment. Observing your lips is an unconscious gesture, but it says a lot about the intention of the boy with whom you are chatting.

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3. Pay attention to you

This is a more obvious sign, although many women do not value it as it deserves. If he gives you attention, care and pampering, it is very likely that he is interested in you. If he also has gestures and is gentle... the issue is even clearer.

If you notice that whenever you say something he is interested, if he tries to catch up on the topics you usually talk about... you should start to think that this boy is attracted to you.

4. He is kind to you

Another classic, and one of the most obvious signs: if that man is nice to you, if he tries to make things easy for you and he subtly praises you, he is interested in you.

But beware, it will be necessary to see if he has a special way of doing with you or if he is just as chivalrous with everyone... calibrating this, it depends on you.

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5. Find common ground

One of the most obvious signs to know if a man likes you is his predisposition to find hobbies and points in common with you, for example when you chat or when you express that you especially like something.

If you tell him that you love surfing and he automatically tells you that he would love to learn to surf… a clear sign of attraction. If you love dance music and he tells you that he also loves it, and invites you to go to a concert... well, it is also a sign that there is something special. Why is this happening? When we like someone, we try to offer an image of half orange, to make him understand that we are a potential partner for him or her. Sharing hobbies is one of the ways to connect on a romantic and emotional level.

6. Can't help but get nervous

Even the most confident men show signs of feeling somewhat insecure when around that girl they dream of. Stiffness, hesitant attitude, thinking a lot about what they say or do, unnatural movements… Are signs of this nervousness.

7. Body posture

In another article we talked about the nonverbal language. It can be another aspect in which to observe certain signs of attraction towards you. For example, if he imitates your posture, if he directs your body directly towards you, if he puts out his chest... all these body gestures can indicate attraction.

8. He wants to spend time with you

One of the most obvious signs that a man feels an irrepressible attraction to you is this: if he tries to make you you see outside the usual context, he invites you out for a drink or appears "casually" at your work, he wants to be around of you.

Any pretext that a man can use to see you, you can interpret it as a show of physical and / or romantic attraction. In the end, he is deciding to prioritize you over other people or hobbies. If that's not a sign of attraction, God come down and see it.

Observations, nuances and extra tips

First of all, a small nuance: human beings are very complex. It is possible that someone is showing you signs that you interpret incorrectly. For example, a guy may be trying to spend a lot of time with you for some reason other than physical attraction. You must value it and take it into account.

Anyway, and although humans are capable of lying through words, gestures and non-verbal communication it is much more difficult to disguise. That is why gestures, although they may be subtle, offer us a practical way of knowing what that boy is thinking about you.

Another suggestion is that you do not close doors: there are many guys who want to meet you. For example, you can check out our article on dating apps.
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