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The best 11 Psychologists in Azuqueca de Henares

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The Institute of Psychode Psychology It is one of the most prestigious psychotherapy centers in Spain, and for more than 10 years, its team of professionals has been serving people of all ages, whatever their problem.

This center currently offers an online psychological care service for anyone who may have problems of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sexual difficulties, addictions or emotional problems of any kind.

The sessions of the Psicode center are based on the integration of various therapies of proven efficacy, such as the approach cognitive-behavioral therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness, all applied according to the needs particular to each client.

The center TherapyChat is a leading platform in the field of online therapy in Spain and for more than 6 years its Professionals serve adults of all ages and couples, with total comfort and at a very affordable price. affordable.

Some of the main areas addressed in this center are sexual and relationship disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety or depression disorders, relationship problems, stress, or conflict relatives.

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All the therapies applied in the center have the highest standards of scientific evidence, and Some of the most notable are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or Acceptance Therapy and Commitment.

The psychologist Javier Ares He is a Graduate in Clinical Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, has a Master's Degree in General Health Psychology, a Training Course in EMDR Therapy, a Master in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and another Master in Clinical and Psychology of the Health.

His intervention is also offered online and is aimed at adolescents, adults, the elderly and also couples who may request it.

The psychologist Sonia Gordillo She has a degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, has a Master's Degree in Systemic Family Therapy and is a Member of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid. In addition to that, she is an expert in Clinical Psychology and Trauma Intervention with EMDR Level II and Parenting Coordinator.

In its psychology center, it offers a professional care service aimed at children and adolescents, as well as adults, couples and families. All this through the Systemic approach as the main methodology, applied together with other therapies of proven efficacy.

The Forensic Psychologist Andrea Garcia Beato She is a Member of the Division of Legal Psychology of the General Council of Psychology of Spain, and also has extensive experience in issuing expert psychological reports and technical advice to judges and lawyers.

She is one of the most prominent psychologists in her specialty, and the main areas in which she this professional usually writes expert reports are the civil, criminal, family and labor.

The psychologist Pilar Conejero She has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the UP of Comillas, she has an experience of more than 23 years in the practice of therapy professional and is a specialist in the application of Mindfulness or mindfulness, in Personal Coaching and also in Therapy Cognitive-behavioral.

In her office she attends adolescents, adults, couples and families, being her main intervention specialties cases of depression, anxiety disorders and the field of psycho-oncology.

The Multipurpose Health Center, Aletheya offers a psychological care service for people of all ages, as well as in the perinatal, family and couple areas.

Some of the intervention specialties of the center's professionals are behavioral problems, learning difficulties, self-esteem problems, depression and cases of violence intrafamily.

The psychologist Alejandro Garcia Lopez He has a Master's degree in General Health Psychology, another in Integrative Therapy and is a specialist in psychotherapy in the field of children and adolescents and also in trauma, attachment and EMDR Therapy.

Thus, among its main areas of action, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, psychosomatic disorders and deficits in the control of impulses.

The psychologist Natalia Rodriguez Lois He runs his own psychology office where he works, together with a multidisciplinary team of psychotherapists qualified, adults, adolescents and children in any demand that they may have, either emotionally or behavioral.

His intervention integrates different therapies of proven efficacy and adapted to the needs of each case, among which Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis and EMDR Therapy stand out.

The professionals of the Psychology Consultation de Azuqueca de Henares are widely qualified to meet all kinds of demands in the areas of children, couples, adults and families, both in person and online.

Some of the specialties of this center are cases of anxiety or stress, addictions, eating disorders and expert reports, all at an affordable price.

The psychologist Carolina lozano He has a Degree in Psychology with a Health mention from UDIMA, he has a Master's Degree in Psychology General Sanitaria and is a University Specialist in Cognitive-behavioral Therapy in Children Adolescence.

The main areas that this professional successfully addresses in her consultation are anxiety disorders, self-esteem problems, relationship crises and addictions.

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