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The best 12 Psychologists in Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura)

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Yaiza Maria Cabrera She is a psychologist specialized in psychotherapy for people of all ages, and attends both in person and online. She is an expert in contextual therapies and an EMDR level II therapist, and she bases her work on an eclectic model in which they remain different techniques and strategies of psychological intervention are combined, adapting to the specific characteristics and problems of each patient.

Among the most common problems that this professional addresses in her consultation are depression, trauma, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, anger management difficulties, job stress, and more.

The Psychologist and Coach Esther Julià She has a Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of the Balearic Islands, she has a Master's Degree in Coaching and Mentoring from UNIR and also has a Master's Degree in Sports Psychology from UNED.

This professional offers her therapeutic services in the online modality and throughout her career she has specialized in serving children, adolescents, adults and also couples who have any type of consultation.

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Esther Julia integrates in her sessions various therapies of proven efficacy, with which she attends to cases of anxiety and depression, deficits in coping skills, low self-esteem, stress, and performance deficits sports.

The psychologist Carmen Martin She has a degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the UOC, she has a Master's Degree in Gender Equality and Violence, another Master's Degree in Civil and Commercial Mediation and is a specialist in Family Mediation.

Throughout her career, this professional has specialized in serving children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, couples and also families who request their services, and currently their intervention is offered online with total comfort.

In your consultation you will find a therapist specialized in treating cases of anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, eating disorders, addictions, divorce processes, family conflicts and cases of violence from gender.

The psychologist Carlos Aldana offers in his consultation a professional psychological attention directed to adults and also couples. His work focuses on Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, one of the most used by professionals, and based on modify those negative thoughts and emotions of the person, in order to achieve their well-being prior to the trouble.

In addition to all that, his main treatment specialties are, among others, anxiety, cases of stress, addictions, emotional dependence on the partner and partner problems on general.

In the psychological cabinet of Carolina Simon we will find an experienced professional in psychological care aimed at people of all ages, also to couples who may need it or who by themselves cannot solve their problems.

His therapeutic work is based on extensive experience that has allowed him to acquire knowledge to address all kinds of problematic, among which we can highlight, generalized anxiety disorders, fears and phobias, sexual disorders and the Depression.

At the psychologist's office Maria Lourdes Riccardi Sings we will find a professional intervention in adults, both individually and as a couple and also in adolescents.

Some of the consultations that this psychologist is specialized in treating are depression, social isolation and relationship problems, self-esteem problems and relationship crises.

The psychologist Sergio Verástegui Quintero She attends in her consultation to adults who present any problem, as well as adolescents and couples, through Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, one of the best results.

Depression, phobias, sexual dysfunctions and hyperactivity disorder due to attention deficit, are some of the intervention specialties of this professional of the psychology.

The psychologist Miriam del Rosario she is an expert in the application of various psychological therapies, among which we highlight the Therapy Humanist and Systemic Family Therapy, through which she offers solutions for any type of problematic.

This professional combines a methodical and quality intervention with a personal and empathic treatment with the person, this being a formula for success in her therapeutic processes.

The psychologist Omaira Darias Reyes offers a professional and specialized intervention in all kinds of problems that the person may present.

In your consultation we will find a highly qualified professional whose work is based on trust between the person and the therapist, as well as on commitment and empathy.

At the psychologist's office Laila Belayachi Falcon We will find a psychological care that will not leave anyone indifferent and will satisfy our expectations of treatment.

This professional offers her therapy services in which she combines professionalism with commitment and dedication with each of the cases she attends.

The psychologist Maria of the Angels Marichal Sardinia she also offers a professional intervention adapted to the characteristics of each case.

We will be able to go to her consultation for any problem that we have, since in it we will find efficient solutions in the shortest possible time.

The psychologist Andrea Schoffer she has extensive knowledge in family mediation and in resolving conflicts in this area, so she will offer the best services to anyone who is interested in this type of care professional.

Thus, her main intervention specialties are anxiety and depression problems, family conflicts of all kinds, problems with self-esteem and deficits in coping.

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