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The 9 best Psychologists in Finestrat

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The psychologist Marina Marta Garcia Fuentes She has a professional experience of more than 17 years of experience, in which she has combined the practice of psychology with the training of other professionals.

As director of Psychode Institute, this professional coordinates a team of 14 professionals, with whom she attends adolescents, adults and couples both in person and remotely.

Its therapeutic model is cognitive-behavioral, applied in conjunction with other therapies such as Mindfulness, Coaching, Family and Couples Therapy or EMDR Therapy.

Regarding their intervention specialties, anxiety disorders, problems of relationship, deficits in anger management, self-esteem problems, cases of infidelity and depression.

The psychologist Marisa Jimenez Albiar has an experience of more than 10 years, in which he has specialized in addressing all types of disorders in both children and adolescents, through the application of an integrative professional therapy, based on Cognitive-behavioral orientation, one of the best results offers.

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Consult with the services of this professional if you are interested in putting your case in the hands of an expert therapist in address cases of autism, developmental disorders in children, anxiety disorders and the syndrome of Asperger.

The psychologist Patricia Mejías Romero She is an expert in the application of Systemic Therapy and also an EMDR Therapist, two of the therapies most used by professionals. In her consultation we will find a professional care service aimed at children and adults, as well as specialized in legal psychology.

Anyone interested in receiving specialized therapy for anxiety disorders, depression, self-esteem problems and family conflicts, you will find in your office the ideal place to to go.

The psychologist Mari Carmen Verbo Menéndez, whose query is in Benidorm, will serve people of any age through the application of an integrative therapy of different orientations, mainly based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, one of the most recommended by professionals.

Some of her intervention specialties are cases of depression or postpartum depression, bullying school, couple crises, obsessive compulsive disorder and behavior problems in children and teenagers.

The psychologist Anabel Martinez Galera She is an expert in addressing all types of consultations in adults and also couples, as well as those framed in the field of sexual therapy.

Thus, the main intervention specialties of this psychologist are, self-esteem problems, conflicts in the couple, sexual behavior disorders and problems managing relationships emotions.

The psychologist Virginia Barba offers a professional therapeutic care service aimed at adolescents, adults and couples through a Cognitive-behavioral approach, based on the scientific method.

The main intervention specialties that we will find in the consultation of this professional are the cases anxiety, depression, deficits in the social relationship with others and recurrent conflicts in the partner.

At the psychologist's office Jesus Esteras Peña We will also find a professional specialized in addressing all types of cases in adults and children from 12 years of age.

Phobias, self-esteem problems, cognitive disorders and cases of abuse within the family are some of the intervention specialties of this psychologist.

The psychologist Laura Ortiz she offers professional care for adults, adolescents and children, as well as an early care service for babies and new parents.

Self-esteem problems, deficits in social skills, depression and sexual disorders are some of the consultations that this psychologist attends.

The psychologist Nuria Cabot She also serves people of all ages, in person or online with all possible comforts for the applicant.

Her intervention is characterized by a close and empathetic treatment, where each patient receives personal and individualized therapy.

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