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Discover what the MEXICAN REVOLUTION was

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What was the mexican revolution

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The Mexican Revolution was an event started by socialist and anarchist leaders It started in 1910 and lasted until 1917. This revolution was vital to Mexican history, completely changing the landscape of the state forever and initiating a new era for the country. To know the event in depth in this lesson from a TEACHER we must talk about what was the mexican revolution.

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  1. The government of Porfirio Díaz
  2. Maderista Revolution
  3. Madero Government
  4. Ayala Plan
  5. 1917 Constitution of Mexico

The government of Porfirio Díaz.

To understand what the Mexican Revolution was, we have to talk about Profirio Díaz. Since 1876 the government of Mexico had been governed by a dictatorship led by Porfirio Díaz, being a government marked by support for the upper classes to the detriment of a middle and lower classes that lived in a great economic and social crisis, and by the greater economic support to Europe and the United States than to the people Mexican.

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The government of Porfirio Díaz remained for more than 30 years, being re-elected periodically in clearly rigged elections. In the last years of his life, Porfirio said he was tired of his position as president, starting with it the rumors about the possible Mexican politicians that could succeed him.

The best placed for the people was Madero, but pressure from the Mexican elite made Porfirio run for election again and lock Madero in prison so that he could not stand for election. Madero after a while left prison and went to the United States, from where the beginning of the Mexican revolution would begin.

Here we discover what are the background of the mexican revolution.

What was the Mexican revolution - The government of Porfirio Díaz

Maderista Revolution.

From United States, Madero asked the Mexican population to rise up in arms against the Porfirio government, initiating the San Luis Plan that consisted of all the people began a series of revolts throughout Mexico until the Mexican president returned his position to the town. The Mexicans of the lower classes were totally against Porfirio, and it was for this reason that the peasants and workers did not take too long to start the revolts.

The 20th November 1910 I know start the mexican revolution, rising up the country led by people like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata and thereby achieving the resignation of Porfirio. The president of Mexico struck a deal with Madero, resigning from his position as president but succeeding in escape the country and reach a Europe where he had many friends who had been benefited by his corruption.

Shortly after Madero became president of Mexico, beginning a government that had the difficult task of fixing all the problems that had arisen in the Mexican state throughout the years of political corruption.

Government of Madero.

The process of change in Mexico began after the arrival of Madero to the position of president, being a rapid change of the main power structures, but that he continued to keep peasants and workers out of politics. At the same time, Madero maintained the army that had supported Porfirio, but brought about the dissolution of the revolutionary army that had made him govern.

The dissolution of revolutionary army never happened, since their leader Emiliano Zapata did not agree with his end, and demanded that President Madero do what he had promised, beginning with a new agrarian law that was not forthcoming.

To all this was added that after months of the Madero government he had not managed to improve the situation of the lower and impoverished classes, all this being what caused a rebellion against the president. The people who rose up against Madero were the vast majority of those who had participated in the confrontation against Porfirio, being for many just a continuation of the government.

What was the Mexican revolution - Government of Madero

Plan of Ayala.

On November 1911 the Plan de Ayala plan is promulgated, being a uprising of Emiliano Zapata against the Madero government for not having carried out the promised agrarian reforms. Some of the ideas of the plan were the overthrow of Madero, the recovery of the large estates and subsequent distribution to the peasants, and giving greater rights to indigenous people.

All over the country struggles arose, being the revolutionary armies led by Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa, but being finally Maximiliano Huerta who killed Madero and became president of Mexico through a coup of State.

For a time it turned to a peace, but Huerta's government was increasingly similar to that of Porfirio Díaz, and the revolutionaries were not slow to act. Zapata, Villa and Carranza joined in the Torreón Pact forming the constitutional army. Of the three revolutionary leaders, it was Carranza who won the elections, his main objective being a new constitution.

What was the Mexican Revolution - Plan de Ayala

Image: Informational impulse

Constitution of 1917 of Mexico.

To conclude this lesson on what the Mexican Revolution was, we must talk about the Constitution of 1917, This being the point that is usually used to end the revolution, although for other historians it continues later.

The Constitution was approved thanks to Carranza, its main characteristics being the following:

  • A equal education for all social classes and in which religion should not have influence.
  • The government may expropriate land and give them to the peasants.
  • Formation of labor laws to improve the situation of the workers.
  • Proclaims that religion and politics cannot go together, so priests cannot participate in politics.
  • A separation of powers essential for a democratic state.
  • It was the first Constitution to include social rights, being one of the greatest strengths of Carranza's ideology.

In this other lesson we analyze in a concrete way the causes and consequences of the Mexican revolution.

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