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The 9 best Meditation Centers in Esplugues de Llobregat

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The center Mental Area de Barcelona has highly qualified professionals specialized in applying techniques from Psychology, Neurofeedback and Meditation together to treat a wide variety of disorders and problems that cause discomfort in the person.

The center's intervention is based on offering a series of brain training tools, emotional control and mental balance with which the person can arrive to improve your well-being in any area that needs it, as well as to reduce stress, impulsivity, chronic pain or anxiety disorders, among others Benefits.

The psychologist Pilar Lluveras coordinates the center Lluveras Psychology, a therapeutic space that offers all kinds of services applying a great variety of therapies of proven efficacy, among which are Clinical Hypnosis, EMDR Therapy or meditation techniques and relaxation.

Thus, the center offers both group and individual meditation sessions, which have as aim to reduce anxiety and stress levels, increase emotional control and improve self-knowledge.

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The psychologist Alicia navarro runs its own psychotherapy center aimed at adults, couples and families, where it offers a meditation service, Mindfunless and Family Mediation aimed at solving any type of trouble.

His work is based on a comprehensive intervention, where all aspects of the person's health are valued and address the problems present both in the emotional, cognitive or behavioral fields from a point of view biopsychosocial

Thus, the service the meditation service offers Alicia Navarro in her consultation is available both individually and in group courses and workshops, and the benefits of this technique affect the reduction of stress and anxiety, the enhancement of emotional and body control, and also in the reduction of any type of discomfort.

The Pima Center for Psychology and Active Mind It is made up of professionals specialized in a wide variety of therapies and therapeutic techniques, among which Mindfulness, cognitive rehabilitation or meditation can be highlighted.

This center offers guided meditations that aim to achieve greater self-knowledge by part of the person, express their emotions, overcome difficult emotions and reduce levels of stress.

The professionals of the center Espluioga, from Esplugues de Llobregat, are specialized and highly qualified to offer yoga sessions, Mindfulness, meditation and Emotional Coaching, as well as other activities that promote well-being personal.

The meditation and Mindfulness sessions of the center are aimed at people who want to learn tools that allow to achieve states of relaxation, self-knowledge, self-control and reduce cases of anxiety, stress and discomfort in general.

The psychologist Olga Perez She runs her own therapy center and is a specialist in different avant-garde orientations such as Mindfulness, Art therapy, Reiki and other relaxation techniques.

His intervention is offered to people of all ages, as well as families who may need it, and their main specialties are cases of stress, anxiety disorders and disorders of adaptation.

The psychologist Isabel Guiu Serrano directs and coordinates the center Kinement, a therapy space whose professionals are specialized in addressing all kinds of problems through the application of different useful therapies.

In her consultation, she attends both in person and online and her intervention based on techniques of relaxation affects stress, phobias, anxiety, and skill deficits social.

In addition to that, among her most relevant qualifications are a Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, a Master's Degree in Child Psychology and extensive training in Coaching and Mediation.

The psychologist Patricia Quero Montero He has a Master's Degree in Clinical Practice in Psychotherapy, another in Sexual and Couples Therapy and is a specialist in apply therapies such as Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and different techniques of relaxation.

Thus, some of the areas that he addresses through his intervention are cases of insomnia, phobias, relationship problems and sexual dysfunctions.

Susanna petri She has a degree in Psychology and in her private therapy center she offers a psychological care service based on in the integration of therapies such as Mindfulness or EMDR Therapy as well as meditation and relaxation techniques.

His intervention is offered to adults, couples and families and aims to reduce stress levels and anxiety, especially separation anxiety disorder and addressing skill deficits social.

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