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5 keys to overcome feelings of inferiority

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We all have a friend or family member who does not have great self-confidence. These people often compare themselves with others and come to the conclusion that they are not up to par, it is difficult for them to relate and achieve their goals due to their lack of selfesteem.

The feeling of inferiority it appears in people who do not believe in themselves, who believe that other individuals surpass them in everything.

Inferiority complex: "I can't"

Most people who have these thoughts and feelings or have experienced them in the past they find a great obstacle in overcoming the inner voice that tells them "I can't", "I'm like that, I can't do more"... and often they get stuck from the effects of these bad experiences.

The American Psychologist Gordon allport defined the feeling of inferiority as "a lasting and damaging tension that comes from an emotional attitude towards the situations experienced".

Feeling inferior to others is an acquired belief

An important source of these feelings is brewing in the

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childhood, when the child is less successful than his siblings or classmates, he never receives positive reinforcements, etc., he will go depositing negative thoughts such as “I'm not good enough”, “everyone is better than me”, “I'm lower".

These emotions they penetrate the child and they cause him to move away emotionally from himself, to tend to withdraw, not to show his own initiative, to think that you are less intelligent or pleasant than your peers and ultimately that your expectations in life are reduced decisively.

According to Allport, the feeling of inferiority exacerbates the feeling of the sufferer regarding their physical weakness, their appearance and image, their status. social and educational, experiences of little value, feelings of guilt or the feeling that it is wrong to belong to the ethnic or religious group to which they belong.

5 keys to overcome the feeling of inferiority

The following strategies are key when dealing with and overcoming these limiting feelings:

1. Accept yourself

We must accept the life we ​​lead and the circumstances that we have to live. Identify the things that cause discomfort And the feelings of inferiority will help us to become aware of the situation and begin to improve in what is necessary.

2. Know your virtues

Highlight your own virtues, your qualities and abilities, and make a list with all of them. Place the list in a visible place for your day to day and try to devote more attention and resources to improving some of your qualities, which are surely very valuable.

3. Relativize the negative

Relativize negative comments other people make about you. Rationalize: ask yourself to what extent these judgments are correct And in any case, think that nobody is perfect and that you have the tools to improve all aspects without haste.

4. Face life

Face the obstacles and difficulties that arise along the way, make important decisions, ask for help when needed, and learn from all these experiences. Passivity in the face of life will not bring you positive things. Learn to face life, your attitude will be rewarded.

5. The key is your self esteem

Work on your confidence, it is essential that you value yourself as a person and that you fight for everything you want. Little by little, slowly but surely, you will see that the security in yourself opens doors that you did not know.

There are some cases in which the person constantly feels despised and it will be more difficult to be able to arm them with courage so that they can overcome the situation without external help. Advice from a psychologist they can be a good accompaniment to face the situation.

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