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The 8 best Mindfulness Experts in Barcelona

In Avenida de Vallcarca 196, north of the Gràcia district, we can find one of the most prominent experts in Barcelona in Mindfulness: Ferran García de Palau García-Faria, from the psychology center Psychotools, one of the most recommended psychotherapy clinics in Barcelona, ​​in which he is Coordinator and Head of the Mindfulness, Personal Growth and in-company Services area.

Ferran majored in Mindfulness at the Esmindfulness Institute undergoing Accredited Instructor Training for the MBSR Stress Reduction Program at the University of Massachusetts. On the other hand, she is a certified instructor of the renowned Eline Snel method of Mindfulness for children and adolescents.

The General Health Psychologist Sara laso She has a Master's Degree in Child-Adolescent Clinical Psychology and also has training in Mindfulness and Positive Psychology. As Director of the Badalona Psicòlegs center, this professional attends people of all ages in both face-to-face and remote sessions.

The main forms of intervention that this professional applies in her sessions are cognitive-behavioral therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, all of them adapted to the needs of each person in order to address problems such as anxiety disorders, self-esteem problems, cases of ADHD, trauma, depression and relationship problems, among other forms of discomfort.

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Oscar Carrera Fontelles She is an expert in Mindfulness and is part of the team of professionals at the Mental Area center, which is characterized by psychological interventions that combine novel techniques from both psychotherapy and therapy. neuroscience.

This professional is a Mindfulness Instructor trained at the Esmindfulness Institute, in the Brown University and Nirakara, and she is a member of the Professional Association of Instructors of Mindfulness-MBSR.

As a Mindfulness specialist, she uses Mindfulness tools in well-being enhancement interventions emotional training and attention management training, such as courses and training programs for individuals and professionals.

The Clinical Psychologist Erica Schvartzbaum she has a Master in Art therapy, another in Emotional Intelligence, and a Postgraduate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Throughout her career, this professional has specialized in treating all kinds of disorders in children, adolescents and adults through the application She integrated different therapies such as Mindfulness, art therapy or EMDR Therapy, adapted to the needs of each person and always with the aim of obtaining the best Outcome.

Some of her psychological intervention specialties are emotional problems of all kinds, relational disorders, adoption cases, trauma and family conflicts.

In her private office on Quevedo street in Barcelona we find another of the most recommended Mindfulness experts in this area: Thais Casals.

She graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1999, and also has a Master's degree in Clinical, Legal and Forensic Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. It should be added that this psychologist is an expert in Coaching and Mindfulness, and follows an integrative therapeutic approach. She is a specialist in treating separation anxiety disorder, hypochondria, and the aftermath of mobbing (workplace bullying) and the like.

Cristina Ramirez Ferrero It is another of the best options for those looking for experts in Mindfulness in Barcelona. She graduated in Psychology from the Ramón Llull University in 2000 and has a master's degree in Music Therapy from the same university.

This psychologist is an expert in addictions to new technologies and in offering Mindfulness and coaching services. It should also be added that Cristina Ramírez stands out for treating eating behavior problems and cases of low self-esteem and duel for the loss of loved ones, and cases of anxiety.

Marcial Arredondo Rosas He is a psychologist and Doctor of Psychology specialized in Mindfulness and in Psychological Treatments based on Mindfulness and Compassion (an area in which he is a teacher at the Ramon Llull University).

This professional organizes training sessions in Mindfulness both in individual format and in group format, from the Mindfulness Center of Barcelona.

Ariadna Mas Musons graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2011 and also has two Master's degrees, one in Clinical Practice and the other in Childhood Psychiatry and Psychology and Adolescence. It should be added that she has also taken a course in psychopedagogical re-education at the University of Barcelona.

Thanks to this training Ariadna can offer high quality sessions and courses in Mindfulness, in addition to being able to treat cases of low self-esteem, learning difficulties and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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