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Psychologists in Naucalpan de Juárez

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Individual and Couples Therapy Teacher

If you feel [email protected], [email protected] and you know you need to do something different and you don't know where to start, I have several tools for you. TRANSPERSONAL THERAPY helps you to know yourself in depth, to know and work where your fears, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, etc. originate. SYSTEMIC FAMILY THERAPY is focused on resolving the conflict from the interactions generating changes in positive dynamics in the family system .EMDR is a wonderful technique to overcome trauma. HYPNOTHERAPY It helps us overcome habits that block us mentally, emotionally and even physically. Depending on your situation and personality, I will use the tool that best suits you to help you achieve your goals. Not all techniques are for all patients.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Verified professional

My name is Vicky, I am a psychologist specialized in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, this model aims to make conscious the patient about his recurrent repetitions of attitude and mood, in order to achieve a clearer and clearer life. optimal. The idea is to offer the patient a place where he feels comfortable, that makes it his space and his time, where we work hand in hand and without judgments of any kind, a relationship of trust from the patient to the analyst so that he can express all those emotions that he carries.

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Clinical psychology

I listen with empathy to your feelings and wishes, so that you become the creator of your life. Through 36 years of experience as a Psychotherapist, Teacher, Lecturer, I am satisfied by inviting my patients to the discovery of their Being, which has led them to to live more fully, to live and not only survive, to see how they feel freer and owners of what they feel and decide and thus, to be beings of Light, who Love each other and spread their Love. My life vocation as a Clinical Psychologist and Humanist Gestalt Psychotherapist, is to enable patients, first to Love each other, to admire each other. as wonderful Human Beings and that, consequently, they live with greater awareness, freedom, self-direction, creativity, satisfaction and love. The Psychotherapy of the Being is a space of freedom for you to become the creator of your life. That you can say and exercise the following expression: “It does not matter what they have caused in me in the past, but what I can do for me, in my present in order to take better advantage of my past experiences to be able to live my life more fully in the here and now and be the creator of my present and my future".

Master in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Verified professional

My name is Esther Dabbah, an emotional psychotherapist with years of experience caring for children, adults and adolescents. My main objective is to support my patients so that they can find the reasons for their main conflicts and therefore have greater control of their life and the good things that happen. Within the sessions different techniques are used in which we will work to improve your social relationships, your self-esteem, your professional performance, reduce stress and work on reducing anxiety and improving your mood in general.

Gestalt Psychotherapist and Logotherapist

I am Raquel, a psychotherapist specialized in logotherapy and Gestalt. With 10 years of experience serving adolescents, adults and couples, my commitment to patients is to help them find their internal tools to reach a self-discovery and thus be able to improve their self-esteem, their social relationships, reduce anguish, anxiety and live a life with sense.

Bachelor of Psychology

Psychologist, creator of the Psychology and Neuroscience channel: Psychological support focused on solving everyday problems, orientation professional in techniques for the resolution of anxiety disorders, stress management and problems of identity. B-Bariatric Satellite Psychotherapist.

Master in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Hello. I am Brenda Luevano. I specialize in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, I consider that this type of treatment is very useful and provides various tools emotional and psychic to think about the conflicts and inconveniences of daily life, as well as various other topics specific. I have great experience in adults, adolescents and children.

Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologist, with development in the clinical, educational, social and more areas. Trainer of diverse generations of psychologists, both at the undergraduate level and above. With specializations, certifications, participations and more studies both in national and international institutions, with multiple recognitions, including a silver medal for excellence in the career of psychology at the national.


I offer you a warm and reliable space in which through my therapeutic accompaniment you can rediscover yourself, with the great being inside you, and make you aware of the talents and possibilities you have to achieve your goals and build a state well-being and fulfillment in the different areas of your life, in such a way that what you work in the present, bears fruit in a better future.

Degree in Psychology, Psychoanalyst, Specialist in psychoanalysis of children and adolescents

Hello, if you are looking to improve your life condition or that of your children, overcome some events, I can help you.

Degree in psychology

My professional training is focused on the health area. I have a degree in Psychology with a degree and professional license. I have graduate level studies. I am a therapist in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. I have more than 10 years of experience in individual and group mental health care. In my professional experience I have developed a working method that allows mental health care with a holistic approach.

Social psychology

I am a social psychologist graduated from UNIMEX with a certificate in process, with knowledge focused on providing support and help to those who face difficult situations, about All work hand in hand so that they obtain the necessary tools to break by themselves the barriers that may limit them, everything is possible, as long as you create it with your mind and heart.

Transpersonal Psychotherapist

I am an Organizational Psychologist, graduated from the UTEL University and specialized in Transpersonal Psychology at the Miguel de Cervantes European University, (Salamanca Spain). Transpersonal Psychotherapy constitutes a new and revolutionary understanding of the psyche, health, illness and personal and social development. Mind, body, soul, spirituality form the whole of the person, in Transpersonal Therapy. Stress, depression, the change of mental patterns are some of the different ailments that as Transpersonal Psychotherapists we help to heal. We also facilitate personal growth and help expand awareness; accompanying our patients individually or in groups and applying different practices and techniques such as observation, which helps us to healing is a process, in which something excluded, rejected or not perceived, finds in the human being, its rightful place and with it calm. The main objective of Transpersonal Psychology is that human beings transcend the sense of themselves, to achieve identification with a greater consciousness.

Body Humanist Psychotherapist (ontogonic)

I frame the starting person to establish exactly where my patient is standing. I generate confidence at the beginning so that my patient gives me the most important thing, which is to know how he feels, what he perceives, what it looks like, really look for what you have and based on it establish the guideline to do the treatment to follow and focus on topics. The idea is to be able to get the whole picture and consider seeing the full movie, from the selection of actors, script, stages, stage hands and all the context of the story to get to be part of and be able to help my patient to get ahead and really accompany him in his process and that is achieved by being there.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Psychoanalytic psychotherapist with extensive clinical and academic training. Constant supervision and personal analysis support my work as a therapist. I have extensive experience in outpatient and multidisciplinary treatment according to the needs of each patient. I have worked with patients from 3 years of age onwards, addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, eating disorders, character problems, sexuality, among others.

Gestalt Master

Hello! You know? I think we live in a world that is going at too fast a speed and to which we have become accustomed, many people have lost the ability to amazement for small things that we have in our day to day, and this in the long run, causes from anxiety and stress, to dissatisfaction with what have. Therefore, I want to go together with you rediscovering feelings, emotions, new thoughts and going through every obstacle and change that appears in your life together, using as strategies listening and accompaniment, as well as various tools that serve to help you with patience and empathy with any incredible or difficult process that exists in your life you can walk it. Allow me to accompany you in every step you take.


Currently I work as a therapeutic companion for children within neurodiversity, I have participated in consulting projects educational programs to private institutions as well as in the project "Let's continue learning... in the hospital" of the children's psychiatric hospital Juan Navarrese. During my undergraduate degree, I did various internships in public and private institutions such as the Hospital General de México, Hospital Español, Instituto National Perinatology, National Institute of Neurology, Federico Gomez Children's Hospital, Telethon, Granja la Salud psychiatric hospital between others.

Degree in psychology

I have several years of experience in psychotherapy with 80% success in my cases with patients who come to me with different problems. "Brief therapy" work. Through psychotherapy you will find the way to happiness and to achieve your goals. Personal, Couple, Adolescents and Children


Pedagogue with more than 20 years of professional experience, I have worked from preschool to university level, which has given me a broader panorama for comprehensive pedagogical work.

Master in Psychology

I am a neuropsychologist, specialized in assessment and intervention in patients with brain damage, neurodegenrative diseases, intervention in neurodevelopmental disorders, assessment of cognitive functioning. Psychological intervention with a cognitive behavioral approach.

Lic. in psychology

Each of us can experience difficult times in our lives. The office is a place for you to learn more about yourself and how to love and support yourself. You can find the support you are looking for and learn about the little things that can make a big difference in how you are feeling.


We are a team of committed, responsible and ethical professionals. We keep the confidentiality of each patient. We work under a cognitive behavioral approach. We give space and time to each patient, focusing on her integral well-being in a timely manner.

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