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The 10 best Psychologists for exam preparation in Madrid

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The General Health Psychologist Javier Ares Arranz offers his services both in person and remotely (by video call), and specializes above all in the management of emotions and their associated problems, as well as in the management of attention. He caters to adults and teens.

This professional has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, this therapist also has a Master's Degree in Psychology Clinic and Health, another Master in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and two Training Courses in EMDR and Mindfulness applied to anxiety and depression.

His work is based on active listening and empathy, as well as establishing a good working environment with the client and also in offering self-management and self-motivation strategies with which the person has an easier time reaching their objectives.

The center UPAD of Psychology and Coaching It has multidisciplinary professionals specialized in personal and work development processes, as well as in the preparation of competitive examinations, both in the study area and psychological.

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The main areas of intervention of the UPAD center in the preparation of oppositions are psychological preparation and stress reduction, improvement in time management, a mental training in tools to improve concentration and memory and the provision of strategies to increase motivation.

The team of Advance Psychologists has 20 years of professional experience attending a wide variety of problems and needs of psychological type, and among them is the preparation of oppositions and examination processes in general. They give help to people of all ages.

This entity offers psychotherapy and coaching services, but also psychiatry, neuropsychology and family and couples therapy. Sessions can be in person or online.

Thomas Saint Cecilia is an expert psychologist in the cognitive-behavioral model, with which it is possible to adopt habits to prepare for the oppositions of the best possible way both with regard to the management of emotions and concentration, as well as with regard to the techniques of study.

This professional has many years of experience helping both individuals and work teams and also companies, and attends in person and through video calls.

With 20 years of experience, Fernando Azor It is another of the most recommended options.

This psychologist, who is also Director of the Azor & Asociados center, is dedicated to the clinical field and psychotherapy, and also to perceptual psychology and aeronautical psychology. He works mainly helping adults, both to address their problems in the personal sphere as well as in the professional context.

Psychological Awakenings is a team of psychotherapy professionals that has several centers throughout Madrid and the rest of the main cities of the CAM.

They work offering psychological therapy and coaching sessions either in person or remotely, and among their services they offer the possibility of preparing for competitions with professional support.

The psychologist Javier Rodriguez He has extensive experience in the field of psychotherapy in private practice and is an expert in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Gestalt Therapy, among others. As a collaborator of the Escúchate center, he offers a professional psychotherapy service for people who are opposing.

Thus, his intervention is specialized in providing psychological support focused mainly on motivation and in offering useful tools for the opponent to improve her performance in the study.

The professionals of the Human Area Psychology and Psychiatry Center They are specialized in a wide variety of specific areas, among which the psychological preparation for opponents stands out.

The main areas in which the intervention of the Human Area specializes in the preparation of oppositions are, among others, the improvement of confidence and self-esteem, reduction of stress, in study strategies, in self-motivation and in the improvement of planning and weather.

The psychologist Andrea Navarrete She has an experience of more than 15 years and has a Master of Specialization in Clinical Psychology and Health, she is an expert in Personal and Work Coaching and also has a Master in Difficulties of the Learning.

As a member of the team of professionals at the Madrid Psychologist Center, she offers a coaching and guidance service for students of exams specialized in increasing motivation, managing stress and offering tools to optimize time and performance in the study.

In the Salamanca district of Madrid, next to the Retiro, you can find Psynthesis Psychology, a center specialized in the training and preparation of opponents of any kind, especially the State Security Forces and Bodies (FFCCSE).

With the aim of offering useful tools so that the person can approve the opposition, the Psynthesis center has developed the Adversus Program, a set of guidelines and guidelines that affect crisis management, increased self-esteem and confidence, emotional control and correct time planning, among other aspects.

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