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The 9 best Psychologists who are experts in depression in Benalmádena

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The Aliv Psychology Clinic is one of the most outstanding in its environment and has a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in the field of Clinical and Health Psychology, as well as in Psychology Legal.

The intervention of the professionals of the center is offered both online and in person in any of the large and modern facilities of the clinic, and is based on the individualization of each case and the application of therapies adapted at all times to the person and their specific needs, usually Cognitive-behavioral therapy being the basis of treatments.

Thus, some of the specialties of the Aliv Psychology Clinic are self-esteem problems, deficits in social skills, relationship conflicts and cases of depression.

The PsicoAbreu Clinic has behind him a trajectory of more than 25 years offering a psychological care service in the clinical, legal and mediation field to people of all ages who present any type of trouble.

The center's professionals are specialized in applying a therapy that integrates different orientations, among which they can Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR Therapy or coaching stand out, always in a way adapted to each person treated.

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The intervention of the center is offered both in person and online and some of the specialties that are dealt with in it are anxiety disorders, depression, relationship and family problems, trauma and cases of ADHD.

The gabinet More Life Psychologists Benalmádena has a multidisciplinary team of professionals specialized in clinical areas, cognitive and social, with extensive experience in serving people of all ages, also in a on-line.

The intervention of the professionals of the More Life center in Benalmádena aims to improve the condition of each person and achieve their well-being in any field that has problems, some of the areas that they successfully address, behavioral problems, anxiety disorders, depression and queries related to parenting. children.

The professionals of the center De Motta Psychology and Health They are perfectly qualified to address all kinds of disorders in people of all ages, both in person and online.

The intervention of the professionals of this center is based on the integrated application of different therapies adapted in the best possible way to the needs specific to each person, being some of her intervention specialties, cases of depression or anxiety, psychosomatic disorders and sexual problems and as a couple.

The psychologist Silvia Garcia runs the center Reason & Emotion, a therapy space specialized in psychology, coaching and training, all aimed at both people of all ages and companies.

Thus, the professionals of this center apply the best therapies to attend to each particular case, mainly emotional intelligence and coaching, being its main areas of intervention, among many others, cases of depression and anxiety, behavior problems, stress, addictions and conflicts of partner.

The Equilibra Center of Psychology is run by the professional Sandra Gamez, an expert in clinical, judicial and family mediation psychology, who coordinates the intervention of the center's multidisciplinary team of professionals.

The intervention of the center is based on the integrated application of different therapies, among which stand out the new techniques of Reality Virtual whose professionals apply to address anxiety disorders, self-esteem problems, cases of depression and conflicts relatives.

The professionals of the center Psycolab is specialized in serving people of all ages in the field of clinical and legal psychology, as well as companies and professionals in training and advice of all kinds.

The intervention of the center's professionals integrates different therapies, some of the most common being Neuropsychology, emotional intelligence and Contextual Therapies, with which they address cognitive problems, ADHD or obsessive-type disorders compulsive.

The psychologist Mª Ángeles Castillo Díaz is a specialist in serving people of all ages, as well as couples and families.

Some of her intervention specialties are addictions, self-esteem issues, parenting guidance, and phobias.

In addition to that, among her most important qualifications are a Master's Degree in General Health Psychology and a specialty in EMDR Therapy.

The psychologist Carmen Perez Rojas She has a Master's degree in Clinical Sexology and Couples Therapy, as well as training in Mindfulness Therapy and also in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, which she applies in an integrated way in her intervention.

In her consultation, she attends to adults and couples who may have self-esteem problems, sexual dysfunctions, anxiety disorders and depression.

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