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Overcome Comprehensive Center of Psychology

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We offer - since 1987 - specialized evaluation services, psychological treatment and psychoeducation programs. We are dedicated to serving the human being at every stage of life. We start from the principle of valuing the person as an integral being that acts from their psychological, physical, social and spiritual situation. We intervene ethically and professionally to promote health, well-being, effective performance and healthy coexistence. We promote the necessary respect, value and defense of the human rights of each one of the people with differences or psychological or mental problems. We promote knowledge about psychology and mental health so that families, companies, schools, and society itself ecuadorian be aware of its importance, but also how they should act to prevent problems or treat those that appear. We work so that personnel dedicated to dealing with emergency situations receive the psychological help they may require at any given time.

Our professional team, always committed, is able to guarantee an excellent service through attention, preparation and full dedication to each case. We aspire to achieve high quality standards in the service we offer in order to satisfy each of our consultants and contribute to their well-being as unique beings. Specialists with Experience in Clinical Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Couples and Family Therapy, Therapy for addictions and problem use, Child Psychology and Psychorehabilitation, Life Coaching and Executive.

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We strive to be a national and international benchmark in comprehensive psychological health. We want to contribute to the necessary understanding, prevention and treatment of psychosocial problems that affect human beings and society in general, for which we disseminate information of interest through different digital platforms, conferences, workshops and congresses international

Psychologist Carol Farah Thoma (Guayaquil)

I consider myself a developer of human capabilities, I know that every human being has what it ta...

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Psychologist Sandra Saltos Alarcón (Guayaquil)

You can count on my specialized professional accompaniment with cognitive behavioral, psychodrama...

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Psychologist Sebastian Robalino (Quito)

Do your emotions and thoughts feel like an obstacle to the life you dream of? Do you notice that ...

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