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The 70 best phrases of pride

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Pride It is a feeling whose excess can lead us to make many mistakes but which, in its fair measure, can improve our self-esteem and drive us to improve as individuals.

Over time there have been many celebrities who have spoken on occasion about pride, and their opinions all of us can extract a lot of advice that can be really very useful for life daily.

Phrases about pride (from great thinkers)

That is why below you will have the opportunity to read a short selection with the 70 best phrases of pride, some very interesting quotes with which you can discover how pride is a feeling that can be seen from a wide variety of points of view and at the same time be understood in many ways different.

1. Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst and cold. (Thomas jefferson)

As many people learn throughout their lives, being too proud can be something that ends up being downright expensive.

2. Proud people breed sadness for themselves. (Emily Brontë)

Sooner or later, anyone who is too proud ends up discovering that having that attitude is something that brings them much more displeasure than celebrations.

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3. The only thing capable of comforting a man for the stupid things that he does, is the pride that gives him doing them. (Oscar Wilde)

In the vast majority of occasions it will always be our pride, the one that ends up causing us serious problems or at least introduces us to them.

4. A proud man is always looking down on things and people; And of course, as long as you look down, you can't see something that is above you. (C. S. Lewis)

Being too demanding with everyone around us is a way of being, which can be very harmful in the long run. We should never wish for others what we do not wish for ourselves.

5. It is better to lose your pride with someone you love, instead of losing that being you love because of your useless pride. (John Ruskin)

We should never get away from all those we love, although to achieve this we sometimes have to get rid of all our pride.

6. I could easily forgive his pride, if he hadn't mortified mine. (Jane Austen in a phrase from her famous book Pride and Prejudice)

Our own pride can often lead us to make bad decisions, we must not allow it to end up taking control over our lives.

7. Pride must die in you, or nothing in heaven can live in you. (Andrew Murray)

Only by getting rid of all our bad emotions will we be able to become in the future, the best possible version of ourselves.

8. We are rarely proud when we are alone. (Voltaire)

Nobody knows us better than ourselves and that is why, in practice, we cannot show ourselves as someone proud when there is no one around us observing us.

9. Time and time again, the pride of man influences your own downfall. (Criss Jami)

Pride is an emotion that can easily lead us to underestimate our rival, which is why we must never allow it to lead us to make hasty decisions.

10. Leave your pride, your ego, and your narcissism elsewhere. The reactions of those parts of you will reinforce the most primitive fears of your children. (Henry Cloud)

As every educator knows very well, a bad attitude on our part will have a direct impact on the character that our children will possess tomorrow.

11. During my childhood I only longed to be loved. Every day I thought about how to take my life, although, deep down, she was already dead. Only pride saved me. (Coco Chanel)

Pride is an emotion that can greatly boost our self-esteem. Every person should always have minimum levels of personal pride.

12. Every rooster is proud of his manure. (John Heywood)

It is something very common that as people we value our own work above work performed by someone else when, most likely, both tasks have been performed at a level very similar.

13. If we did not have our own pride, we would never lament the pride of others. (Duke of la Rochefoucauld)

Our pride is the feeling that often leads us to think that we are better than all those men and women who surround us.

14. The noblest man is worthy but not proud; the lower one is proud, but he is not worthy. (Confucius)

Only by abandoning our pride will we become better people in the future than we were in the past.

15. He who is proud eats himself: pride is his own glass, his own trumpet, his own chronicle. (William Shakespeare)

As Shakespeare so well tells us in this quote, pride is the strongest feeling that egotistical people have.

16. Pride raises its head when everyone around you has theirs bowed. Courage is what makes you do it. (Bryce Courtenay)

Thanks to their own pride, some men have been able to show that the human being, sooner or later, always ends up revealing himself against injustices.

17. Pride builds a small kingdom and acts as sovereign in it. (William Hazlitt)

Pride can make us lose our perspective on reality and sometimes it can make us believe that as individuals we are more important than we really are.

18. Pride is the mother of arrogance.

Pride and arrogance are two emotions that often go hand in hand. If in our personal life we ​​let ourselves be carried away by them, we will probably encounter more than one problem in the future.

19. All cemeteries are full of people who were considered essential. (Georges Clemenceau)

The end will always be the same for all of us, no matter how many personal achievements or how much wealth we have managed to accumulate in the course of our lives.

20. Humility is nothing more than the truth, and pride is nothing more than lying. (Saint Vincent of Paul)

Humility will always be something that allows us to evolve as individuals while pride is a very negative emotion that will probably end up anchoring us forever in the past.

21. One sticks to one opinion because he is proud to have come by himself, and another because he has went to great lengths to learn and is proud to have grasped it: and they both do it for vanity. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

In its fair measure, pride can help us go very far, but being too proud, we will most likely be, perhaps without knowing it, harming ourselves.

22. When you feel nervous, remember your pride.

We all have virtues of which in one way and another we can be proud, we should learn to remember them every time we are going through a difficult personal moment.

23. The boys were very proud, you always have to let them think that they are good at things. (Diane Zahler)

As parents we must know how to promote those more positive attitudes that our children have and the only way to achieve this is by letting them feed their pride.

24. Our character gets us into trouble, but it is our pride that keeps us in it. (Aesop)

Not acknowledging our mistakes is an attitude that will not allow us to move forward in our life, we must be very aware that everyone sometimes makes mistakes.

25. Pride is the first of tyrants, but also the first of consolations. (Charles Ducios)

As human beings we all possess a certain amount of pride, how we manage it is really what sets us apart from one another.

26. For the proud, the slightest rejection or disappointment is the ultimate indignity. (William Hazlitt)

Pride is a feeling that you have to be very careful with because it has the ability to turn us into very unhappy people if we allow it.

27. A proud man is extremely difficult to please, because he always expects too much from others. (Richard Baxter)

As human beings we should learn to value all those acts that others selflessly perform for us, regardless of whether they meet our expectations or to our regret, unfortunately they do not.

28. Humility and pride will fight forever when or wherever it comes to love. (Jeremy Aldana)

As men and women we all have a constant internal battle between our pride and our humility, but there is room for remember that it will always ultimately depend on our personality which of the two sides ends up being victor.

29. A real man keeps his pride. (Gonzalo Torrente Ballester)

Knowing how to minimize our pride is a very interesting ability that undoubtedly not all people possess, which is why in society In modern times, the particular fact of knowing how to control or at least greatly reduce our own pride.

30. The pride of the humble consists in always talking about themselves; the pride of the great, in never talking about themselves. (Voltaire)

He who has performed great deeds should never boast of it because in this way he will show us two things: to be a humble person and to have great control over his pride.

31. Since God humbled himself for man's sake, man should be ashamed for being proud. (Saint Augustine of Hippo)

He who is too proud always ends up being harmed, on the other hand, the person who shows humility in most occasions usually ends up fulfilling his objectives.

32. Pride is the same in all men, only the means and the way of manifesting it vary. (François de la Rochefoucauld)

Rochefoucauld knew very well that all people possess at least a minimal amount of pride without import, whatever your level of personal wealth or its importance within a certain scale Social.

33. Learning to live with less pride has been a great investment in my future. (Katerina Stoykova Klemer)

Pride is something that many times makes us very unhappy to know how to get rid of it Although it may seem painful initially, it may actually be a first step toward our authentic happiness.

34. Pride is a wound and vanity is the scab. Life chooses the scab to open the wound over and over again. In men, it is rarely cured and often becomes septic. (Michael Ayrton)

There are many people who find it difficult to put aside their pride, although those who do, discover that their lives were not really as negative as perhaps they previously thought.

35. If you are a proud man, you should love solitude: the proud are always alone. (Loved nerve)

In this quote by Amado Nervo we can discover what is undoubtedly a great reality: Those men and women the proudest very commonly end up losing all those people who love.

36. The man only pretends pretexts to live, that is to say, to elaborate an image of his pride. (Edgar Faure)

Only by learning to accept life as it is, can we begin to improve it over time.

37. Human pride knows how to invent the most serious names to hide its own ignorance. (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Excuses will never change the person we really are and the defects that we have, because as is known, the first step to learn from our mistakes will always be to recognize them.

38. The one who prides himself on his knowledge is as if he is blind in broad daylight. (Benjamin Franklin)

He who boasts of the knowledge he possesses shows a kind of attitude, which will probably end up showing others many of his own intellectual shortcomings.

39. Pride doesn't like duty, and self-love doesn't like paying. (François de La Rochefoucauld)

Pride can be a first step towards hypocrisy, although lies, no matter how much we repeat them, will never change reality.

40. Nothing is so low and vile as being haughty with the humble. (Lucio Anneo Seneca)

The man who usually appears as someone proud is something very likely that with his attitude, he is simply trying to camouflage his own insecurities from others.

41. We can be proud of what we have done, but we should be much more proud of what we have not done. That pride is yet to be invented. (Émile Cioran)

The fact of not making mistakes is also something that we can all be proud of although many people, as Emile Cioran tells us in this quote, they still seem not to have discovered that kind of pride.

42. The brightness of the man walking proudly under the sky is reduced to nothing. (Aeschylus)

As many of us discover throughout our lives in most situations, being proud is something that will not make it easier for us to achieve our goals.

43. The walls of pride are tall and wide. You can't see the other side. (Bob Dylan)

Pride tends to blind all those who possess it on most occasions and it is even very possible that this blindness ends up turning them into extremely unhappy people.

44. Pride ate breakfast with abundance, dined with poverty, and dined with infamy. (Benjamin Franklin)

As it is usually said, whoever goes wrong ends up badly and we should know that pride can be one of the most direct paths that we can all choose towards our own perdition.

45. God demolishes the thrones of the proud and enthrons the humble in their place. (Apocrypha)

Only by having a humble attitude and a lot of patience will we be able to meet our goals instead Pride must be banished from our lives if we want the future to truly be us benevolent.

46. Pride is fine, but a sausage is a sausage. (Terry Pratchett)

No matter how proud we are of a certain personal achievement, we must always be men and women pragmatic because it is the path that we all must take, if we want to become truly people in the future humble.

47. If I only had one sermon to preach it would be a sermon against pride. (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

In order for society as a whole to be more prosperous, we must all give up our pride in a side because otherwise, we can never forever leave our personal interests in the past.

48. Free at last, they took your life; They couldn't take away your pride (U2)

There are many people who throughout history have preferred to die than lose their pride, although it would be very interesting, that we all learned to correctly differentiate the person who is proud from the person who is brave.

49. The tyrant is a son of pride.

Tyrants always tend to appear before the public as someone proud and haughty, an attitude that has proven to be very effective if we want to hide our insecurities from third parties.

50. Yes, I will try to be. Because I think it is a pride not to be. (Antonia Porchia)

We can all be partly proud of the person we are, regardless of our social rank or purchasing power.

51. There is a paradox in pride: it makes some men ridiculous, but it prevents others from being so. (Charles Caleb Colton)

Like everything in life, having a minimum amount of pride does not have to be harmful to us. Although being overly proud people is something that will undoubtedly end at one point or another. harming us.

52. Pride precedes the fall, they say, and yet we often find that people shed all their pride. They are often left behind. (Edgar Guest)

To be competitive in today's society we must all possess a certain amount of pride because without it, most likely we will not have the ambition we need to be able to reach the highest goals elevated.

53. Pride divides men, humility unites them. (Fray Enrique Domingo Lacordaire)

As this quote tells us very well, humility is an attitude thanks to which we can all become much more loved by all those who surround us.

54. If you see something in yourself that makes you proud, look a little further and you will find enough to make you humble. (Wellins Calcott)

As human beings we all have flaws and that is why being too proud is an attitude that we should never have. If we do not want others to fix their gaze on our shortcomings, we must learn not to boast of all our supposed virtues.

55. Pride carries with it a punishment, foolishness. (Sophocles)

Pride is an attitude that can lead us to make the mistake of underestimating our adversary, a form of act that has proven to be very harmful to all those who have possessed it throughout history.

56. Pride is a very heavy burden.

We must all get rid of our pride at some point if we want to be happier in the future, otherwise we will never be able to live our life to the fullest.

57. He who cannot bear fraternal correction is a proud man. (Adolf Kolping)

Not knowing how to appreciate the advice that our parents often give us can be something that leads us directly, to make the same mistakes that they made during their youth.

58. Pride... is sometimes virtuous and sometimes cruel, according to the character in which it is found and the object to which it is directed. (Fulke Greville)

Throughout our lives we all deal countless times with our own pride, some with great success and others being routinely defeated by it.

59. Pride, like cunning, becomes offensive only by the way it is discovered. (Norman MacDonald)

Most of us learn during our childhood or adolescence what kinds of attitudes are the most positive. for us and in this way, we realize that excess pride is something that usually brings serious damage with him.

60. My pride fell with my fortune. (William Shakespeare)

Possessing great wealth tends to make us much more proud people and just as these riches may one day disappear, our pride will also disappear with them.

61. Pride, that invisible bone that keeps your neck stiff. (Stephen King)

He who has a haughty attitude is always usually because of an excess of pride although we should know, that in life if we do not know how to look down many times we will not be able to see well where we step.

62. Pride of the body is a barrier against gifts that purify the soul. (George Eliot)

As we see in this quote the writer George Eliot who was actually called Mary Ann Evans, considered pride to be one of the worst attitudes a woman could possess in those days. person. A reflection that many of us will probably agree with.

63. Much more than interests is pride that divides us. (Augusto Compte)

If we allow ourselves to be carried away by pride, it is very likely that over the years, we will end up losing the vast majority of our friends and relatives.

64. Pride is a form of selfishness. (David Herbert Lawrence)

It is true that pride tends to go hand in hand with selfishness, to tell the truth, both tend to form the attitude that we all know as self-centeredness.

65. Pride helps us; and pride is not bad when it only urges us to hide our own wounds, not to hurt others. (George Eliot)

As long as we do not harm third parties, that we are a little proud does not necessarily have to be a very negative attitude.

66. Deep is the sea and deep is hell, but pride is still deeper; it coils like a poisonous worm on the foundations of the soul. (Martin Farquhar Tupper)

In this quote we can see a truly terrifying vision of what excessive pride represented for this famous English writer.

67. Nothing beautiful can come of the rivalry; and pride, nothing noble. (John Ruskin)

If history has taught us anything, it is that as human beings we need to collaborate with each other if we want to prosper and for that, all of us will necessarily have to put our pride and also our vanity aside at some point in our lives to forever.

68. Pride is a cold, stormy and barren mountain. (John Thornton)

Negative attitudes in the end will always cause us problems, although as human beings, many times we are forced to make a mistake so that later we can learn from it.

69. Wealth is a gift from God, and pride bequeathed it to us from the devil. (Douglas Wilson)

As simple human beings we will always encounter difficulties throughout our lives and only by learning from them will we achieve the future that we really want for ourselves.

70. Pride and curiosity are two rods of our souls. The latter leads us to stick our nose in everything, and the former prevents us from leaving something unsolved. (Michel de Montaigne)

Just as excessive pride can be very negative for a person, possessing a curiosity excessive is also something that can lead us to take many more risks than strictly necessary.

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