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The 11 best Mindfulness apps

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Mindfulness or Mindfulness It is an ancient philosophy that has been adapted by psychologists today, but can be used by anyone who wants to be happier and enjoy greater well-being.

The basic principles of Mindfulness are being in the "here and now", with a mentality of openness to experience and non-judgment, and with an attitude of compassion towards oneself and towards others.

There are many investigations that have shown that it is a great strategy to face the problems of the day.

  • You can know its benefits in our article: "Mindfulness: 8 benefits of mindfulness

Apps to practice Mindfulness

Since Mindfulness is in fashion, in recent years different applications have appeared that help to practice this ancient method. Below you can find a compilation with the 10 best Mindfulness apps.

1. Me I

Meyo logo

Meyo is a 360 ° health app, which means that it seeks health promotion in all areas, from the physical to the emotional, in an unprecedented way. So be very attentive to its launch (free) the week of March 16, 2020, because this app is called to mark a before and after.

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Because being healthy is not just not being sick. Being healthy is enjoying everything that surrounds us, connecting with our inner “I”, being happy and, ultimately, becoming the best version of ourselves. And to achieve this, a perfect union between body and mind is required. And there is no better way to connect them than through mindfulness.

Meyo has the scientific support of top-level psychologists who have designed challenges, exercises, games, tips, videos and everything. type of content related to mindfulness whose effectiveness in achieving a connection with the inner "I" is more than proven.

Meditations, breathing exercises, yoga, calming music and strategies to remove negative thoughts from the mind, hugging our strengths, accept our weaknesses, open our minds, become fully aware of our surroundings and get to know ourselves better themselves. Meyo has all the tools for you to achieve a perfect balance between mind and body.

In addition, it offers help to make you a healthier person in every way: eat healthy, play sports, sleep better, improve communication skills, quitting smoking, overcoming stress, taking care of relationships with friends... All this should complement the mindfulness activities, because only when we take care of our life in all aspects, we achieve true physical well-being and emotional.

Without a doubt, Meyo is an app that we are going to follow very closely, because for the first time, a mobile application seeks that the user is the absolute owner of their health.

  • You can download Meyo whenever you want, to Android and to iOs.

2. Gurumind


Gurumind is an app that makes more than 100 meditation and Mindfulness resources available to the user to treat problems related to anxiety and emotional distress.

This tool has an easy-to-use interface from which you can use, in a matter of seconds, content related to insomnia, stress, low mood, and more. To use it, you just have to open an account for free.

  • To see their contact information and the link to download the app, go to this page.

3. Intimind

Intimind is a meditation application developed by experts in Mindfulness. It has a repertoire of 11 free meditations, so it is only necessary to invest 10 minutes a day to practice mindfulness and benefit from the benefits of Mindfulness.

But to advance in this ancient practice, it is possible to subscribe to all the content with the flat rate for less than 10 euros per month. There are different programs (anger, fear, pregnancy, etc.) and you can choose any of these programs from 19.99 euros and enjoy it forever.

This application is available for both iOS and Android.

4. The Mindfulness App

With this app it is possible to go on a journey towards well-being and mental balance, regardless of whether you are an expert or are starting out in this practice. With this application it is possible to enjoy guided and personalized meditations, timed sessions, Meditation reminders and notifications to be in the present moment, statistics to track the mindful journey ...

It has a basic version with 200 guided meditations and some courses, but it is also possible to contract the premium subscription to enjoy more than 25 complete Mindfulness courses.

5. Insight Timer

One of the most popular apps in English that has recently been translated into Spanish, a language in which it has had a great reception. It has more than 120 free meditations and more than 5000 guided meditations with the premium subscription. It also has 1200 in-app teachers and 850 free music tracks for meditation. With this tool it is possible to time the meditations and participate in discussion groups and local meetings.

6. Happins

A new apps that allows, thanks to Virtual Reality, to transport you to the most beautiful and quiet places so you can meditate and make use of music therapy. In this way you can relax and find the ideal situation to put yourself in mindful mode and reduce the levels of stress and anxiety.

You can use it from your mobile in full screen or in Virtual Reality mode to view it with the use of Cardboard. For a unique experience it is better to have a virtual reality viewer such as the Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR

7. Mindfulness and meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness are not the same, but meditation is a great method for improving mindfulness and mindfulness. This app is ideal to introduce Mindfulness into your daily life because you can perform the exercises from anywhere. In addition to the guided meditations, it is possible to access 150 face-to-face meditation rooms on the user network. The application will also present you each day with a phrase that will help you start the day in mindful mode.

8. Mindfulness Sci

Mindfulness Sci is an app developed to collaborate with a research product on the practice of Mindfulness and it is scientifically endorsed by the Aragonese Institute for Research and Health Promotion Association group. Its features include: virtual instructor that guides the practice, Mindfulness level test (on the one who deals with the investigation), videos and illustrations to make the practice easier and alarms and reminders.

9. Guided meditation mindfulness

As its name suggests, it is a guided meditations application, for those people who decide to learn the practice of Mindfulness but do not have much time to attend the face-to-face sessions. Therefore, through his narrated meditations, in which it is possible to select different voices, people who use the app will be able to progress at their own pace and improve their well-being every day that happens. Without a doubt, a wise choice to forget about stress and anxiety.

10. Mindfulness Gym

An indispensable tool if you want to get your mind in shape. It helps to always be in the present moment with a non-judgmental mindset. The app has different tools so that you can direct your attention and observe your thoughts and emotions and then accept them. Using this application between 5 and 15 minutes a day is enough to improve well-being.

11. Peaceful

Stress, depression and anxiety are one of the great evils of today's society, because the rhythm of life that people lead and constantly living in our expectations does not favor our well-being at all. Being in the present, connected with ourselves and with our environment, with compassion and kindness is one of the best ways to face the difficulties that we may encounter throughout our lifetime.

This application is perfect to acquire coping skills in unpleasant situations in our life, as well as to learn to live better, more fully. In it you will find: guided self-help methods, mood monitoring, recording of daily thoughts, daily challenges, etc.

Other apps to improve well-being

In addition to these Mindfulness apps, it is also possible to find other mobile applications that are intended to help people with anxiety, phobias or depression.

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