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The 15 best apps to treat depression

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One of the most common mental disorders is depression, and it is estimated that it affects 350 million people in the world.

There are different causes and reasons that lead a person to suffer from this disorder, which manifests itself with a series of symptoms: sadness, demotivation, apathy, anguish, feelings of hopelessness

Throughout this article we will see a selection of apps to treat depression in parallel with attending psychotherapy.

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Depression: a common disorder of the times

The individual with depression feels sad most of the time, which affects her daily life. This mood disorder is common these days and although some people think that drug treatment is the best option, treatment with these substances is only advisable in very severe cases.

Going to psychological therapy is essential to overcome this disorder, because psychologists can help to improve the quality of life of their patients and to treat, thanks to their techniques and methods, this common pathology. A) Yes 

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Best apps to combat depression

Currently, new technologies have allowed people to have therapeutic tools from their own mobile. And although they do not replace the figure of a psychologist who monitors the particular case of each patient for several weeks and months, they can be useful for a person to develop healthier lifestyle habits and, at the same time, to improve their condition psychic.

In this article you can find a list of best apps to treat depression and its symptoms. They are as follows.

1. Me I

Meyo logo

Me I is an app that is called to mark a before and after in the market not only of apps to combat depression, but also of health applications in general. So very attentive to its launch (free) the week of March 16, 2020, as Meyo arrives to offer help to all the people who think they need it.

No app can replace the work of a health professional. Aware of this, the team of psychologists, doctors and other scientists behind this app have not designed it with the purpose of being a treatment for depression. Meyo is a personal assistant that helps both to prevent the appearance of mood disorders and, if they have already arisen, to reduce the impact that these have in the quality of life and to facilitate the overcoming of these, always encouraging the user to request the attention of a specialist if needs to.

Meyo is an app that, defending that being healthy is not just not being sick, it offers all possible facilities so that we are happier, problems affect us less, Let's take control of our mind, know how to silence negative thoughts, enjoy more of what surrounds us and, ultimately, flee from all emotional decays.

Therefore, an artificial intelligence analyzes what our problems and needs are and, based on this, offers us challenges, games, videos, tips and any audiovisual content that will help us protect our state of cheer up.

Cook and follow healthy diets, motivate ourselves to do sports, practice meditation and yoga, abandon bad habits of life, sleep better, improve relationships with others, live with greater optimism and motivation, open up emotionally with your loved ones, inspect the triggers of low mood, get over a breakup or love death of a family member, leaving behind fears and phobias, overcoming stress and anxiety... In everything that serves to prevent depression or low mood, Meyo can help you. And it will.

  • You can download Meyo for Android and to iOs.

2. TherapyChat


Through the digital platform TherapyChat It is possible to have psychology professionals and contact them for remote psychological assistance, through video calls. They are all registered psychologists trained and experienced in different areas of mental health and emotional well-being; Furthermore, since they are remote sessions, their price is significantly lower than that of face-to-face consultations.

To use TherapyChat, just select a service plan, explain the problem, and get started. the first session with the assigned psychologist, which depends on the characteristics and needs of the Username. On the other hand, the first session is free.

  • To see more information about this option, go to this page.

3. Mentavio


Another of the most useful options for those with mood disorders is Mentavio, a digital platform that puts the user in contact with a wide range of psychologists who offer psychological assistance or therapy through face-to-face or remote sessions, by video call, chat, or calls.

To use Mentavio you just have to navigate through its interface and visit the profiles of the professionals, and from there choose the one that best suits our needs taking into account the data shown: curriculum and specializations, prices, time availability, opinions of other users, etc. In addition, all information is treated as confidential, and is transmitted through an SSL encryption system.

  • On this page you will find the contact information of Mentavio.

4. Gurumind


Gurumind is an app that makes available to the user more than 100 meditation resources and relaxation techniques, very useful for cases in which there are insomnia problems and anxiety-depressive symptoms.

In addition, the interzaz of this application allows a very simple and instantaneous way of use. You just have to open an account in Gurumind and start using the app for free.

  • If you are interested in seeing more information about this app or having access to its download page, click click here.

5. Positive thinking

Nowadays, many people report having emotional and mood problems, because our Expectations and our beliefs influence how we interpret the world and how we value the events that affect us. occur.

The things we say to ourselves influence to a greater or lesser extent how we feel. Positive Thinking is an app that gives you a large collection of positive phrases so that you can motivate yourself and raise your mood in those moments when you are down. Logically it is not a tool that can replace professional assistance, but some people comment that they have noticed improvements in their daily mood.

6. Mood Kit

This app can become the best ally of someone who feels sad most of the day. Mood Kit is a guide that will help you improve your mood thanks to different practical tips and activities that will be of great help to you. Since many times it is the habits of a person that lead to depression, this app allows to improve the well-being of the user.

7. Optimism

Optimistic people are less likely to suffer depression because they see life from a positive perspective, in which they learn from mistakes and see in them a great opportunity to grow. With Optimism, it is possible to detect toxic behavior patterns, which will allow you to modify them and, therefore, improve the quality of life.

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8. NIH Depression Information

The National Institute of Health of the United States developed this application to inform those individuals who have just been diagnosed with depression. The NIH Depression Information application contains a wealth of information and answers many questions. Among the information that this app provides, it is possible to find: symptoms, causes, treatments and other relevant information about this mood disorder. A very useful app but it is in English.

9. Urwell

This mood tracker app called Urwell works by asking the user to choose from over 50 areas of their life, such as work, leisure, family relationships, the couple, personal growth and health, and evaluates how it performs in each of them. The idea is to start with a few areas and build them so that you end up being happy in each one of them.

10. Mood Streamer

This app is ideal for those who come to therapy and need to accurately track the disorder between sessions. Once downloaded, Mood Streamer compiles and analyzes the day-to-day life of the patient and the different variables that influence their mood. This application creates a history of the patient's mood.

11. Happy Habits: Choose Happiness

This app called Happy Habits uses cognitive-behavioral therapy tools. First a test of 119 items is passed to evaluate the level of happiness, then it is possible to use the happiness journal to record positive events and create a happy to-do list pending. A graph feature lets you track your progress, while an audio feature helps you manage your emotions and take a more positive outlook. Also, the audios are ideal for relaxation and help to learn to de-stress.

12. Depression CBT

The cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) it is one of the most effective ways to treat depression and other mental health problems. This application helps control moods with an assessment test that tracks the severity of symptoms depressive and provides various resources aimed at educating the user with more adaptive thinking to improve the situation. It also contains audio programs that facilitate relaxation and well-being.

13. Positive Activity Jackpot

The temptation to stay indoors is common when one is depressed. Going out into the world and enjoying social activities, however, is one of the best remedies to overcome this pathology. Positive Activity Jackpot offers suggestions for activities outside the home.

14. Psych Drugs & Medications

In extreme cases, medication can be used to treat depression. Therefore, in patients who use antidepressants, this application can be very beneficial. Psych Drugs & Medications has a catalog of medications for mental health, which allows the patient to be informed about the possible interactions of a specific drug, its side effects, details of the dose and much more.

15. Smiling mind

Meditation has been shown to be effective for mild depression **. This app called Smiling Mind is designed for the use of guided meditation ** and offers several free meditation programs, classified according to different ages. The sessions are appropriate for those under the age of seven to adulthood.
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