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Psychologists in Santiago de Querétaro

Psychologist Clinical Mention.

I promote competencies based on the learning and development of the emotional, integral and adaptive well-being of adolescents, adults, couples and family systems; in order to manage the functional essence of being.

Clinical Psychologist

Psychoanalysis has allowed me to work with children, adolescents, couples and groups. In psychological intervention, the key is to build and create something new from the language of the person, turn a discomfort, a symptom into something different, give the floor to what we do not understand that we happens. That which escapes our understanding and control is the unconscious. When there is suffering, discomfort and you do not know why. When we repeat over and over without wanting to, and we can't change it. What we will do in this therapeutic space, transform from listening to the unconscious.

Clinical Psychologist

I am the Clinical Psychologist Dafne Valdes. I am an expert psychologist in clinical psychology from the Autonomous University of Querétaro. Throughout my career as a psychologist, with more than 7 years of experience, in attention to Girls, Boys, Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Families; as well as group therapy and / or workshops. I have worked in Schools, private clinic and Government Institutions, which has allowed me to obtain a broad vision of the various current problems in terms of health and mental stability of our society. One of my passions in life is my work, my profession, for that reason it is gratifying to me when through therapeutic work people can continue forward, not forgetting their problems for which they have come to consultation, rather facing them, analyzing them and positioning themselves before life in ways different. I also teach courses, workshops and talks in schools, associations, institutions or sports academies to promote mental health education. I consider it extremely important to continue training and growing professionally in order to improve therapeutic work.

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Degree in Clinical Psychology

Hi, I'm Alejandra Castillo; mental health professional graduated from the Autonomous University of Querétaro Are you going through a difficult time? Think no more! Allow me to be your support and guide on this journey of self-discovery and wellness that you wish to undertake.

Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologist, care for episodes of anxiety, depression, grief, adjustment problems, emotion management, self-esteem and marital problems.

Lic. in Clinical Psychology

I specialize in providing psychological care from a psychoanalytic approach from my academic training, providing a space for listening, guidance and accompaniment. I have extensive experience in psychoeducational intervention for minors with special education and learning difficulties.

Gestalt psychotherapist, sexuality and trauma

I am passionate about the stories of the other, to heal in relationship. Psychologist with a Specialty in Human Development, Master in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Specialty in Sexuality, Psychotraumatology. I really enjoy studying and researching, I am currently researching issues of gender, feminism and sisterhood. I am open, empathetic and passionate about my profession.

Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Teaching

Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in comprehensive accompaniment in processes of change in different populations. Adolescents, adults. Anxiety, Self-esteem, Sexual Abuse, Stress, Codependency, Depression, Grief, Violence, among others

Specialist in Couple and Family Therapy / Sexology

Psychologist, Specialist in Couple and Family Therapy with a systemic approach, training in clinical sexology. I work individual, couple and family psychological therapy. Individual and couple sexual therapy. Living in harmony, it is possible!

Lic. In psychology

Clinical psychologist with 22 years of experience. Uruguayan. Psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Specializations in health psychology, educational psychology, adolescents and adults.

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