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Who were the Khmer Rouge

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In this new video from Unprofesor we will explain "Who were the Khmer Rouge".

Who were the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge went; as they are known to communist party of Cambodia. After the Vietnam War and after the abandonment of the United States Army in the area, the Khmer Rouge take power in Cambodia (1975). In fact, it is a government with communist and very authoritarian characteristics that radically changed the economy. The way to radically govern the country. They wanted a primarily agricultural economy. That is, they wanted to evacuate cities and exterminate urban culture. In fact, they had a tight military control over the population, forcing it to do forced labor, to commune with the ideas of the party through force and developed very sophisticated methods of detention, torture and execution. Any element that, in the eyes of the leaders, was not communist enough (as they understood their own communism, of course). In fact, the Khmer Rouge lasted 4 years and was a real genocide in Cambodia that lost a quarter of the country's population

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(An atrocity). The leader, Pol Pot, from 1975 to 1979 and the ideology was a mixture of Mahoism, anti colonialism, anti capitalism, nationalism and even racism. It wasn't until 1979 that, through the invasion of the Vietnamese, they managed to get Pol Pot and all his henchmen and followers out of power.

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