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Encarnacion Parra Psychology Center

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Good and bad moments happen to us throughout life. This is so. Some of them affect us more harshly than we anticipate, and we are confronted with negative thoughts that we do not we can get rid, such as "why is it happening to me" or "nobody understands me", "I have to get out of this" "I should be able to with this situation". If this is your case, think that a brief intervention by a professional can help you get out of this, and will allow you to move forward normally and enjoy life as you have done so far. Think that this happens every day to people like you, and seeking help or psychological support does not mean that we are "about to go crazy." Every day, more people, normals like you, decide to end their suffering with brief therapies, and you will see how in very few work sessions, you will be back in calm down, you will sleep well, you will make that decision you need, you will end the bad mood and you will feel balanced again. help!!!

During the 20 years that I have been working I have specialized in the treatment of anxiety-depressive disorders, obsessive compulsive, sleep disorders, as well as those derived from significant losses (partner, loved ones ...) I have also specialized in the treatment of emotional dependence and couples therapy. I work only with therapies based on scientific evidence, especially Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR therapy.

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As a special I would highlight my continuous commitment to continuous training as well as the friendly and close treatment with which I try to work every day. I like what I do and I enjoy every day with what I do?

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