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School for Human Development-EDHU

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The School for Human Development has been founded with the aim of promoting personal growth through emotional training and therapeutic intervention. Experience has shown us that the lack of self-esteem is the fundamental basis of the emotional difficulties that a person encounters throughout his life. With this premise as the main axis of our work, we have created a range of programs in order for people to acquire emotional self-management skills. The mental health of the person is projected in the group, to have a healthy society capable of evolving we need work at the individual level but also at the social level where education is one of the pillars of the development of the society. EDHU has an integrative and holistic style, this means that we bring together a series of therapeutic approaches and educational and unify them in a unique work model adapted to the needs of our clients and clients.

Individual, couple and family therapy. Group therapy. Evaluation and intervention with children and adolescents. Personal and professional coaching. Training in schools, companies and other groups. Family, business and school mediation.

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María Dolores Pérez-Ubieta, Director at EDHU, Dra. Clinical Psychology (USA), Master. Clinical Psychology (USA), Mental Health Professional (USA), Coach. Silvia Jiménez, Health Psychologist, Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teacher and Baccalaureate. Educational Guidance Specialty, Gestalt Therapy. Aurelio Trujillo, Psychologist and Social Worker. Master in Family Mediation and Intervention and Health Psychology. Marisol Bardón, Psychologist, Master in talent management, leadership and corporate social responsibility, Coach. Mentoring (Red Mentoring). Biogestalt therapy and group dynamics.

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