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Wake up. Psychotherapy, Mindfulness & Dharma

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Welcome to the Awakening project! My name is Sandra. I have been developing a work from clinical psychology in Adhara Psychology for many years, and walking a spiritual path on a personal level. As a result of the progressive integration of these two paths, I now begin a new professional stage that I want to share with you. Awakening was born with the motivation to offer a roadmap where Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Dharma converge to offer the opportunity to start or continue a deep work of transformation personal. From Psychotherapy we work with the conceptual mind. From Mindfulness and Meditation, we train ourselves to observe and discover the true nature of the mind beyond those concepts. We awaken our hearts to his primal wisdom. I hope that it can accompany you on this path and is an opportunity to transform your lives.

Professionals specialized in different areas of psychology and personal development, with extensive experience in mindfulness and meditation will offer courses and workshops in different areas: psychotherapy, mindfulness, Dharma, conscious body, education, leadership, nutrition,... We will have the presence of spiritual teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, from the Dag Shang temple Kagyu, to delve into the Dharma and create a direct connection with a lineage dating back several centuries behind.

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Available courses: - Transform your mind, Awaken your heart. - Lo Jong. Mental training in seven points. - Stress reduction based on MBSR mindfulness. - Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT). More information [email protected] Sign up for our newsletter.

Psychologist Patricia Lodeiro Llebaria (Barcelona)

Each person is unique and exclusive. Each human being thinks, feels, lives and relates to the wor...

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Psychologist Cristina Llovera Rossell (Barcelona)

From a very young age linked to the world of sports, I started in the world of figure skating pas...

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Psychologist Gemma Isabel Garcia Crespo (Alcalá de Henares)

Consultant and Trainer. I am the Scientific Director of Medisophy, a center for Sophrology and He...

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