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Luisa Fernanda Martinez Jurado

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Most of the patients who come to the consultation have already tried to change behavior patterns for others means, either personally or with other methods that have not been consistent enough or successful. A first important point is the study of each of the patients' cases in a personal, concrete way and making a correct diagnosis in order to guide them to the most successful treatment. Later I give them a return of what I have detected in order to teach them the psychological process they have followed and how to change it. Below, I provide all my knowledge, experience and tools along with the best techniques and strategies for overcoming everything that until now has not let them be happy.

With the treatment under Direct Clinical Hypnosis (within cognitive behavioral therapy), success in the solution of these problems that despite your previous work and effort you have not yet been able to solve, so that you can enjoy a full and happy.

Over the years, I have scientifically proven that the therapies where I use the techniques of Hypnosis have been more effective, fast and long-lasting than therapies conventional.

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