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María José Martínez and Carmen Serna

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Maria José Martínez and Carmen Serna. We develop psychological therapy in person, online, at home, by phone and email. When we were teenagers we were passionate about reading books on psychology and human relations avidly, then we discovered that the Psychology was our true vocation and we decided to embark on the path that within us was what most inspired us and motivated. We love our work, we think that life is a journey to travel that we should travel as fully as possible and on many occasions we let ourselves be carried away by those due to the emotions that prevent us from finding an answer to our problem, that is why we are satisfied to help our patients overcome the adversities that life affects us. from to. Our training at the University has been Cognitive Behavioral, it has given us all the basis to continue learning and deepening in human behavior, training ourselves in different approaches to try to integrate and combine what can benefit our patients the most, so that they can enjoy the life that is they deserve.

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We are specialized in Clinical Psychology, Master in Anxiety and Depression, Postgraduate in Clinical Neuropsychology and various practical courses to be able to attend the wide range of pathologies that are presented in our consultation. Our training journey is constantly developing. Anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress, adolescence, aggressiveness, shyness and self-esteem are issues that we are continually working on, without leaving aside the rest of pathologies.

We love working with people, human relationships, emotional life. It is very gratifying for us to be able to help people to live the life they deserve, not to pay attention to the irrational fears that paralyze them.

María José Martínez and Carmen Serna

Maria José Martínez and Carmen Serna. We develop psychological therapy in person, online, at home...

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