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G.SIN Psychology Clinic Addictions

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Specialized in Prevention of Chemical and Behavioral Addictions. More than 10 years of experience in Addiction Prevention in educational centers of Valencia. Master in Addiction Rehabilitation. Master in Addiction Prevention. They collaborate in mental health centers leading the Relapse Prevention program. Master in Severe Dual Pathology. They carry out communications at national and international congresses for the training and research of Dual Pathology (SEPD). Experts in Gambling Addiction and other Behavioral Addictions by UV. Master in Clinical Psychology. They make the radio program "Today, the change begins" on 88.8 Fm, addressing current issues and interest in psychology. Health center authorized by the Valencian Council of Health. They give courses and workshops for young people on personal development in the Youth Council of the Valencia City Council. It receives the distinction as an entity attached to the Young Plan of the city of Valencia with the activity: Prevention of Addictive Behaviors in children and young people.

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Our main objective is the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Addictive Behaviors, the Prevention and Treatment of Emotional and Behavioral Problems and the treatment of Dual Pathology in young people and Adults.

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