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I have been practicing psychology for 30 years and helping people solve their difficulties to improve their lives. I am excited about my work and accompanying people in their processes of evolution and personal change for improvement and search for solutions. I believe that psychological therapy is an efficient and effective resource that is normalized in society and that allows us to face problems of various kinds and that affect many areas of the person. As a responsible professional and in constant training, I offer you my support and help.

Bachelor of Psychology and sanitary authorization

We are a company with more than 20 years of experience and we play the vast majority of the specialties that you can see at We have two specialists and we work in health psychology, workshops in the social field, expert opinions and mediation services as well as work and organizational psychology.


She has been practicing as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist for more than thirty years. She directs the "PsyFORIS" Psychology Center in Ciudad Real. I am co-founder and President of the Asociación Castellano Manchega de Coordinación Parental. She collaborated with the Administration of Justice as a Judicial Expert and Parental Coordinator. Expert in Parenting and Parental Coaching

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Accredited Health Psychologist. Cabbage.. CM00913 by the Official College of Psychology of Castilla La Mancha. - Occupational Trainer. - Trained in Coaching. - More than 15 years of experience practicing Psychology. I have worked with: - Boys and girls in foster care and / or tutored by the Community (behavior modification, positive behavioral support, emotional education ...) - Older people affected with Alzheimer's disease and their relatives and direct caregivers. (Coping with the disease, strategies to cope with care in a positive way, coping with grief, emotional relief... coordinating different support groups ...). - Training academies, offering school support strategies to clients. - Different clinical cases in the elderly, children, adolescents, women, couples... - Different companies as occupational trainer. - Different centers in the social field: disability, elderly, women ...

Degree in psychology

Graduated in psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, in 2006. Certificate of Pedagogical Attitude, Expert in Clinical Psychopharmacology, Expert in Early Care and Master in Conflict Resolution, among other trainings. Over 10+ professional experience, as a health psychologist, reporting, family counseling, learning disabilities, early care, and adolescent population. Working between Madrid and Ciudad Real. Searching and training in this wonderful world of psychology.


Graduated in Psychology from the University of Jaén and registered in the Official College of Psychologists of Castilla la Mancha with number CM-02372. With a clear vocation, my interest and work have always been oriented to Psychology; providing therapy and treatments, giving courses and workshops aimed at well-being and personal development, and on radio with the program El desán de Elia. She has extensive experience in psychological therapy and currently she directs Elia's Attic, in Ciudad Real, a place where the Unconditional support, empathy and the search for solutions adapted to each patient make personalized treatment our greatest priority.

Degree in Psychology, Master in General Health Psychology

I am Lola Parra. I offer ONLINE PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION. Appointment: 618 43 78 42 or in [email protected] FREE FIRST CONSUTATION. Orientation in Personal and Emotional Problems. Anxiety in Deconfinement. Stress, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Eating. Impulsive behavior. Addictions Coaching; Guidance on Personal and Professional development. Prevention and re-education of harmful habits. Couple Breakups. Family, Civil and Educational Mediation. Adolescents, Adults, Families. My website:


More than 10 years directing care centers and services. 15 years of private consultation, so that people regain their well-being: personal, partner, work and family satisfaction. Pain does not have to become suffering, and difficulties are challenges in which I accompany you. They are solved if you take action and do not postpone this decision any longer.

Psychologist Specialist in Clinical Psychology

I started my activity as a Psychologist in 1990 and I have been attending Clinical Consultation since 1993, after expanding my training with a Master in Behavioral Therapy as well as in Forensic Psychology and Family Mediation, work to which I have dedicated a decade in the Specialized Social Service of Family Mediation and Orientation of Castilla La Stain. Now my work occupies the care of families and minors with situations of Intrafamily Violence and Filioparental in a Service provided by Amformad to the JCCM and as a Specialist Psychologist in Clinical Psychology at SESCAM. Always interested in expanding my professional competence and in line with my personal development process and my desire to search, the paths led me to Gestalt, in which I had the I was lucky to find Jorge Bucay and his experiential workshops, which confirmed my primary interest in therapeutic processes and the impulse of people towards human growth. Both approaches, Cognitive-Behavioral and Humanistic, as well as other areas such as the Enneagram, complete the baggage of training and experience with which I approach my work as a psychologist.


I have been practicing my profession as a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist for more than thirty years, from the Center for Parental Psychology and Intervention "PsyFORIS" collaborate with the Administration of Justice and with the health field assisting families in critical situations and during the processes of separation and divorce with the main objective of protecting minor children, through an intervention device highly specialized.


Specialized psychological care from a close and empathetic treatment. Planning of individualized treatments totally adapted to the person. If you need help, do not hesitate, get in touch and we will start working on you as soon as possible.

Gema Martin De La Sierra

More than 10 years directing care centers and services. 15 years of private consultation, so that...

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