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Antonio Gabriel Álvarez Rodríguez

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Hello! My name is Antonio and I am a Graduate in Psychology and Master in General Health Psychology from the University of Almería. I specialize in adolescent and adult psychotherapy, as well as couples therapy. I am a specialist in Contextual Therapies by the Institute of Contextual Psychology Madrid (MICPSY), the most endorsed by Spain of specialized training in the applications of Contextual Psychology and Therapies Contextual. Therefore, my work is based on a model with great scientific support and with high effectiveness.

My experience covers the treatment of a wide range of psychological problems. Among these problems I can highlight the treatment of people in a state of depression, anxiety, addictions with and without substance and relationship or interpersonal problems.

For me one of the main things is to offer an individualized, humane and oriented therapy in the direction of the vital objectives of each person. To do this, I try to be close and attentive in order to understand in detail the history of the person who comes to my consultation. From there, I offer a therapy tailored to the needs of each person, where quality stands out above any other factor.

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