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PsicoAlmería Center for Clinical Psychology and Hypnosis

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PsicoAlmeria is a Center for Clinical Psychology and Hypnosis. We have expert psychologists in different fields to guarantee a personalized and quality service. We use therapies that allow us to address very diverse problems by applying techniques that have endorsement. scientific, focusing mainly on Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Third Party Therapies Generation. These therapies focus on modifying both behaviors and thoughts that are maladaptive. Among the techniques we use successfully is Clinical Hypnosis. There are multiple advantages in Clinical Hypnosis, including achieving changes in a shorter time, thus reducing the number of sessions and achieving positive changes from the beginning. At PsicoAlmeria we will accompany you and help you achieve your goals. Your Goals will be Ours! Do you have doubts about how we will approach your problem or situation? Contact us and we will inform you with pleasure. It is time to take the step to a new stage in your life. We hold both face-to-face and online sessions.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Acceptance and commitment therapy. Third Generation Therapies. Clinical Hypnosis. Mindfulness

Antonio Gabriel Álvarez Rodríguez

Hello! My name is Antonio and I am a Graduate in Psychology and Master in General Health Psycholo...

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Belén Hernández Rodríguez Psychologist

If you are reading this, kind regards. I will assist you in a professional and courteous manner s...

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Jose Antonio Rodriguez Rodriguez

Bachelor of PsychologyGraduate University of Almería, Spain Psychological Intervention in clinica...

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