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Difference between concept map and mind map

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A concept map differs from a mind map by the hierarchy of the concepts or ideas that are represented graphically.

Concept maps and mind maps are tools that help to understand an idea or subject through a diagram or diagram.

Conceptual map

A conceptual map represents a central idea with nodes that are broken down from the global to the particular. In addition, linking words are used in a concept map to clarify the connections that link subordinate ideas to the central or superordinary concept.

The goal of a concept map is to structure the concept you want. The information is arranged in a hierarchical way so that learning is faster by remembering the arrangement of the various elements.

In this way, the use of the concept map is recommended to understand concepts with levels hierarchical, such as the classification of living things or a sequence of events historical.

Concept map example

conceptual map

Mind map

A mind map it differs from a concept map by being a more flexible diagram. Interrelated concepts are used that arise through spontaneous methods such as brainstorming or

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brainstorming. Related concepts are linked by arms or branches to other ideas, thereby creating a mental logic that helps learning.

The objective of a mind map is to achieve, with the spontaneous relationship of concepts on a topic, learning through familiar and own ways of thinking. In this sense, mind maps are useful for the preparation of a dissertation or for the analysis of a poem or literary work.

Mind map example

mind map

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