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Graduate in Clinical Psychology - AIU. USES

I am a graduate of Atlantic International University, USA, focused on clinical psychology. In addition to having the indicated studies, I have life experience. The care I give is aimed at young people and adults. My approach is humanistic and cognitive behavioral and that is why I have no doubts that I will be able to help you overcome addictions, depressions, and the different psychological disorders for which you are going. I believe that human value is essential when facing this challenge, and therefore I believe that I can help you in your day-to-day work, handling situations of stress, panic, anguish, anxiety, etc.

Lic. In psychology UBA

My name is Bárbara Constanza Dure. Lic. In psychology received at the University of Buenos Aires, Faculty of Psychology. My Clinical Care is aimed at puberty, adolescents and adults. My Orientation is psychoanalytic. Postgraduate course in psychology with psychoanalytic orientation at the UBA Current concurrent psychologist at the mental health center N3 “Dr. Arturo Ameghino "

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