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Psychologists in La Cañada

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General Health Psychologist

My name is Isabel García Tovar, I am a general health psychologist. I consider myself a thoughtful, attentive and empathetic person, since I like being close to people who ask me for psychological help. Why am I working in psychology and therapy? My vocation and commitment to offer help, guidance and accompaniment to others, has led me to create this psychological care service with great enthusiasm. I am a specialist in contextual therapies because it seems fundamental to my work as a psychologist, because I always we are interacting with our environment, and this is essential to understand and treat the problems that come to me query. I offer you a space where you can express your feelings and emotions, tell your story, what has led you to the situation you are in, without judgment. All this in order that you can get to have full clarity of how you are, what you need, and what values ​​move you. I will help you on your way, guiding your steps towards what is important to you.

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