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The 75 best phrases of George Harrison

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George Harrison was known to many as the guitarist for the iconic British rock band The Beatles.. However, he was also a composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, and even film producer. Some of his works within the band were the songs: I Need You, Within You Without You and Here Comes the Sun.

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Great quotes and reflections from George Harrison

He was born in Liverpool in 1943 and passed away in Los Angeles in 2001, leaving behind a huge legacy in music. Therefore, below we will know some of the best famous phrases of George Harrison about his life.

1. Love and understanding, that is what is missing.

Love and understanding are what will really make society happy.

2. The world is like a birthday cake. So take a piece, but not too much.

The world is so beautiful that it allows us to share it with everyone.

3. When I was 'beatle', each year seemed like twenty years.

There are situations where they seem more difficult than they really are.

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4. The Beatles saved the world from boredom.

The Beatles became a group that marked a milestone in world history.

5. And the time will come when you see that we are all one and that life flows inside and outside of you.

Life is wonderful and you have to live it intensely.

6. I am a musician and I don't know why. Many people feel that life is predestined. I think it is vaguely so, but it is still up to the person how their life is going to go.

We are what we want and we have to work on it.

7. If we had known we were going to be the Beatles, we would have tried harder.

You always have to give your best.

8. As far as I'm concerned, there won't be a Beatles reunion while John Lennon is still dead.

No one can replace another person.

9. I wanted to be successful, not famous.

Fame brings consequences that are difficult to bear.

10. In the bigger picture, it doesn't really matter if we never made an album or sung a song. That's not important.

If we do what we like, the rest is secondary.

11. The only thing I have done is remain me, and everything worked... Like magic.

You never have to lose your identity. We are unique.

12. Just take the music, the great, because that's the best, and that's the part that I give.

Music destroys borders.

13. When you look beyond yourself, you will realize that peace of mind is waiting for you there.

Peace of mind is priceless.

14. I plant flowers and watch them grow, I stay home and watch the river flow.

There are things that are so simple, but that are really valuable.

15. The world used us as an excuse to go crazy!

Madness is part of humanity and is in everything.

16. There are people around you who will screw you to the ground, stuff you with their sins, you'll see.

We have around people who want to conform to them.

17. I think people who can really give their lives to music are telling the world You can have my love. You can have my smile.

Music connects people.

18. They gave their money and they gave their shouts. But the Beatles gave their nervous systems.

It refers to what both the fans and the Beatles contributed.

19. When you have seen beyond yourself, then you may find the peace of mind waiting there.

Paul McCartney had a commanding character, but also a unique talent.

20. We were like monkeys in a zoo, and we all needed space to live and grow.

Although we like to be with friends, it is important to have a moment alone.

21. Flattery and superstardom is something you could very happily put down.

There are things that are superficial and do not contribute anything to us.

22. I think the press separated The Beatles more than Yoko or Linda McCartney.

Some comments are more damaging than people.

23. I never planned anything so it's obvious that's what I'm meant to be. I am a musician. It's my job.

There are situations that are not planned but that are successful.

24. If we really loved each other and had the ability to understand each other, everything else would come by itself.

Love towards neighbor is what is truly important.

25. And the time will come when you see that we are all one and that life flows inside and outside of you ...

It is important to have friends but also to learn to be with yourself.

26. Better to be an outspoken atheist than a hypocrite.

There are many religious who do not practice what they preach.

27. It was all a long time ago, it seems like it was a dream.

When we look back, it seems that everything has been a dream.

28. The most pleasant thing is to open the newspapers and not find yourself in them.

Privacy is paramount in life.

29. Try to understand that everything is inside you, no one else can make you change and see that you are actually very small.

The opinions you have of yourself is what really matters.

30. I don't know if I have delivered something really valuable.

There are times when we think that we have not contributed anything.

31. The Beatles will exist without us.

The legend of the Beatles will continue for all eternity.

32. As long as you hate, there will be people to hate.

Hate is a feeling that only causes destruction.

33. The biggest milestone in my career was being a part of the Beatles in 1962. The second milestone since then was parting with them.

There are times when it is better to step back and move on.

34. If you want to be popular and famous, you can do it; it's really easy if you have that selfish desire.

Popularity and fame are difficult situations for those around an artist.

35. The fans will say my music and maybe I agree, but I think that more than the songs themselves what is really valuable is the sincerity that each one of them has.

The lyrics of songs written by George Harrison express his feelings.

36. Most of my selfish desires when it comes to being famous and successful were fulfilled long ago.

As we mature, things change direction.

37. It was hard to be able to handle the fact that all these people thought you were something wonderful.

Fame, if you don't know how to handle it, is a real headache.

38. Gossip is the devil's radio.

Gossip is destructive and harmful.

39. If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there.

You have to know what we want to do in order to know which path to choose.

40. I always try to write about things that interest me, to leave a positive message.

We must always leave a positive message in everything we do.

41. We put it on and it moved us. The content of his songs and his attitude was incredibly original and wonderful.

Showing his admiration for Bob Dylan's music.

42. John wasn't an angel, but he was after all.

On the character of Jhon Lenon.

43. As far as I'm concerned, there won't be a Beatles reunion as long as John Lennon remains dead.

George Harrison was a great musician without a doubt and he showed it throughout his career.

44. I'm going to give up this kind of tourism for the madness without a doubt, but the music, everything is based on the music. No, I'm never going to put down my music.

For this artist, music was his life.

45. I never listen to the radio to keep up with current trends.

Radio is an information medium that informs, but also destroys.

46. It was difficult to deal with the ego. I felt a kind of nothing.

Success can corrupt us.

47. You may like it or not, but they are all from the heart.

The songs reflect what the heart is silent.

48. With our love, we will save the world.

With love, the world can change.

49. John and Paul live in the material world.

A critique of both Beatles' thirst for money.

50. I'll tell you one thing for sure: once you get to the point where you do things in the name of truth, then no one will be able to touch you again, because you will be harmonizing with a greater power.

The truth always liberates.

51. I could never live without you so come back and find out what you mean to me, I need you.

Words that express the intensity of love towards a person.

52. I forgive you because I cannot forget you.

Forgiving does not always mean forgetting what happened.

53. People say I'm the Beatle who changed the most, but for me, that's what life is all about.

Life is a constant evolution.

54. Of course, once you've been a Beatle, you're never really out of it.

The Beatles will always be one of the best groups in all of history.

55. I think people who can really give their lives to music are saying to the world "You can have my love. You can have my smiles. Forget the bad parts, you don't need them. Just take the music, the great thing, because that's the best, "and that's the part that I give.

Music reflects what a person really feels.

56. I think Hindu music influenced the way I set the inflection points and some of the things I play have a sound similar to that of Indian music.

For George, the contribution of other genres was fundamental in his compositions.

57. People always want to know what you're doing, and if you don't tell them right away, that's when they start making things up.

People have the curiosity of wanting to know everything about artists.

58. Truth be told, I would join a band with John Lennon any day, but I couldn't with Paul McCartney, but it's nothing personal. It's just from a musical point of view.

There are people with whom we sympathize more than with others.

59. I started to wonder if it was so good to be famous and to be in demand, but, you know, that's kind of ridiculous, really. Since then, I have never enjoyed fame.

George Harrison learned not to live on fame.

60. Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait.

George clinging to his faith to face things.

61. My idea on "My Sweet Lord", because it sounded like a "pop song", was to get a little closer to them.

His intention behind this song.

62. When we started to be successful in England, the press was looking at how we dressed, which, I suppose, was changing the image of youth.

The Beatles were not only a legend in music, they also imposed a different style.

63. Take my smile and my heart, they were yours from the start.

What we deliver when we are in love.

64. LSD was like opening a door, really, and before, you didn't even know that door existed.

Talking about his experience using drugs.

65. What good are three Beatles without John?

Once John Lenon left, the group came to an end.

66. I play a little guitar, write some songs, make some movies. But none of those are really me. The real me is something else.

Showing his versatility, which is part of his identity.

67. Ringo is a Rock & Roll drummer, nothing more. Paul is a great bass player, but often deafening. However, he would play in any band with John Lennon.

Lennon was always an inspiration to George Harrison.

68. Some of the best songs I know are some that haven't been written yet, and it doesn't even matter if I never get to write them, because they are just insignificant in the big picture.

There are things we dream of, but we cannot make them come true.

69. If there is a God, I want to see him.

He refers to George Harrison's skepticism about God.

70. You have as many lives as you want, and more, even some you don't want.

We can live how we want.

71. I was so sick of bad vibes. I didn't care if it was the Beatles; I was leaving.

Bad energies make an environment unsustainable.

72. If all of us were perfected beings, we would not be here in the physical world.

Nobody is completely perfect.

73. When the novelty wore off (around 1966) it became drudgery.

The fury usually passes soon.

74. It was something that she defined at the time. For me, 1966 was the moment when the whole world opened up and made the most sense.

The Beatle era was undoubtedly one of the best years that music has lived.

75. We can gain experience from the past, but we cannot relive it; and we can wait for the future, but we don't know if there is one.

The past does not return. The future is uncertain. Only the present is real.

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