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The 10 best Psychiatrists in Asturias

Forum Terapeutic Asturias is one of the most recommended specialized addiction treatment centers in Asturias and in Currently, its team of professionals is made up of highly trained psychologists and psychiatrists. qualified.

The intervention of the center is totally individualized and offered both in person and online, in whose sessions its professionals apply various therapies of proven efficacy, among which the Therapy Cognitive-behavioral.

Consult the services of the Asturias Terapeutic Forum if you wish to request the intervention of a professional specialized in providing the best care possible cases of alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, sex addiction, addiction to the Internet and video games or codependency.

The General Health Psychologist Estrada purification She has a degree in Psychology from UNED, she has a Master in Contextual Therapies, a Master in Behavior Modification and a Mindfulness Training Course.

His intervention is offered both in person and online with all the Possible amenities for teenagers of all ages, adults and also people of the third age.

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In your consultation you will find a professional specialized in applying various therapies of proven efficacy, among which are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness.

In addition to that, the main alterations that Purificación Estrada addresses in his consultation are cases of anxiety and depression, emotional and relationship problems, chronic pain, low self-esteem, stress, and couple.

The General Health and Forensic Legal Psychologist Juan Manuel Rodriguez is a specialist in serving both in person and online for people of all ages, that is, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Oviedo, this professional is a specialist in Neurology in the Behavior of the People with Dementia and has Training Courses in Legal Psychology, Alzheimer's and Psychological Interventions in the Schizophrenia.

Throughout his long career, Juan Manuel Rodríguez has specialized in offering an integrative psychotherapy service in which various therapies based on the scientific method are involved, such as Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy or Neurofeedback.

The psychiatrist Susana Avello She is a Specialist in Forensic Psychiatry and Clinical Criminology, she has a Master's Degree in Psychopathology and Health from the UNED and is a University Expert in Bipolar Disorder from the UB.

His intervention is offered both in person and online and in his consultation he attends to adults with problems of anxiety, depression, stress, drug abuse or drug dependence, dependence on new technologies or psychosis.

Susana Avello has more than 20 years of career behind her and today she is an expert in offering a totally individualized intervention from the first session.

The psychiatrist Alberto Prieto Hernandez he has a great experience in serving children of all ages, adults, seniors, couples and also families.

This professional has a degree in Medicine from the University of Zaragoza, is a Psychiatrist specialized in acute hospitalization unit at the Hospital Valle del Nalón and throughout his career he has worked in various mental health centers both in children and adult.

Her main intervention specialties are cases of anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, personality disorders, and drug addiction.

The psychiatrist Mª Teresa Pérez-Espinosa Sánchez She has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Salamanca and is a specialist in Neuropsychiatry in the Mental Health Network of the Principality of Asturias.

This professional has more than 20 years of experience and in her consultation she attends both online and face-to-face with adults and adolescents with problems of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, alcoholism, OCD or psychosis.

The psychiatrist Susana santamarina He is part of the team of professionals at the Persum Personality and Psychotherapy Clinic, where he serves people of all ages, both online and by video call.

His intervention is aimed at treating cases of anxiety and depression, instability affective, cognitive-perceptual alterations, eating disorders or disorders of the personality.

Susana Santamarina has a degree in Medicine from the University of Oviedo, she is a specialist in Psychiatry from the same university and has a Master's degree in Behavioral Therapy.

The psychiatrist José María Uncal Jiménez de Cisneros Throughout its long history, it has specialized in providing a psychotherapy and psychiatry service aimed at adults, couples and also families.

Her intervention is based on the cognitive-behavioral approach, a proven highly effective orientation with her that she cares for neurotic depression, major depression, bipolar disorder, and seizures. panic.

The psychiatrist Mª Jesús Merino She is also an expert in attending both in person and online for adults, couples and families who may be going through a bad time.

The main disorders that this professional treats are anxiety disorders, severe depression, grieving processes, eating disorders, schizophrenia and alcoholism.

The psychiatrist César Luis Sanz de la Garza She attends in her private consultation to children, adolescents, adults and also the elderly who request her services.

This professional is a specialist in Psychogeriatrics and Perinatal Psychiatry, and his intervention is individualized and adapted to the needs of each client.

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