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Acrescere Foundation Psychologist (Madrid)

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At Valía we develop an intervention model that understands personal growth from a comprehensive approach and, therefore, we understand it essential to guarantee the emotional stability and psychological health of our patients. The Valía Service is a psychological care service specialized in intervention in situations of family conflict and care for seriously damaged child and adolescent population and in situations of vulnerability Social. With the work we carry out at Valía, we improve the effectiveness of the social reception, training and protection services when dealing with the problem of our patients from the root of the conflict, and including in the intervention the different agents and significant environments of the child, adolescent or young person adult.

At Valía we work with a large team of psychologists and psychotherapists specialized in childhood, adolescence and family; as well as at work in the field of social services and psychosocial intervention with the population at risk. We attend to all kinds of problems beginning in childhood and adolescence; as well as conflicts in the family and / or school environment.

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Valía is a psychological service integrated within a non-profit social organization, which is why the prices of our The services are very inexpensive and are specially adapted to the socio-economic situation of the different recipients to whom they are directs; in such a way that they can be really accessible to them.

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