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Psychologist Dr. Eduardo Torres Macho (Madrid)

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These are the principles that govern my professional practice as a psychologist-psychotherapist: 1) Rejection of the concept of "Mental illness" and diagnostic labels that try to say a lot, in one or two words, without understanding any. 2) Commitment to my patients so that they have my help whatever they consider necessary, taking great care not to abandon me when they need me and not to retain me when they no longer. 3) Teamwork carried out by the therapist and the patient, work in which each one must actively contribute some things. 4) Psychotherapy is a facilitating process of growth and strengthening of the person and NOT a necessary support for life. 5) Trust in my patients and in all the constructive resources available to them.

Psychologist-Psychotherapist since 1997. Specialist in difficulties with eating, anxiety, depression, obsessions, psychosomatics, complicated grief and integration of traumatic experiences. In a first interview you will be able to inform me of the reasons that bring you to my consultation and between the two of us we will see if it makes sense to work together to improve things.

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My skills with a psychotherapist? My commitment to my patients; I never give up until we achieve the proposed objectives.

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