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Psychologists in La Torreta

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Psychologist and Coach

Passionate about psychology, mindset, personal growth and human development. Training is my way of life, helping people my passion and my goal, I know that the road is not easy, but I know that with help you go a long way Graduated in Psychology, 1st Dan in Taekwondo, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Anorexia survivor nervous. But above all a person who loves well-being, human potential and authenticity.

Psychologist and psychotherapist

Specialist in breu i strategic therapy, trained in family systemic therapy. I compete in therapeutic treatment for infants with adults from a practical and integrative vision of the person and their environment.

General Health Psychologist

Verified professional

I started my activity in 2012 working as a psychologist in the adult population as part of several professional teams in the sector. During these nine years I have continued my academic training in an uninterrupted way in the cognitive-behavioral aspect. Since 2016 I am the head of ELISABET RODRÍGUEZ- PSICOLOGIA I PSICOPEDAGOGIA (Granollers), whose team is made up of three specialists who have degrees in General Psychology Sanitary

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General Health Psychology. Psychopedagogy

Verified professional

Elisabet Rodríguez - Psicologia i Psicopedagogia is a project that began at the end of 2016 and year after year has been developing professionally working with a growing number of cases. Currently, the team is made up of five specialists with degrees in General Health Psychology: Elisabet Rodríguez (head of the center), Cristina Nebril and Elena Sanz (adult population psychologists) and Carla Carulla and Patricia Lodeiro (psychologists children and adolescents).

Clinical psychology

Taking care of our emotional well-being is a priority. At Clinicas Origen we have psychological treatments for people with anxiety, depression, dependence emotional, family and / or relationship difficulties, as well as for that person who wants to continue improving and growing. Our treatments are adapted to the needs and objectives of each person. In the sessions, psychological tools are learned to improve our well-being and quality of life. We work with children, adolescents and adults, in person and online.

Clinical psychology. EMDR therapist

Verified professional

Psychologist specialized in adults and couples. Master in Clinical Psychology and Master in Forensic Psychology. Trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, and third generation therapies, to address behavior, thinking and emotions. EMDR therapist, this type of therapy helps us work on memories that cause us discomfort, which influences the present and helps us face the future with less emotional stress.


Verified professional

At the center we have different professionals specialized in the field of psychology to offer a wide range of services, adapting to each person and their circumstances.

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