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Psychologists in CASCAJAL III

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My professional and personal work is always for the sake of promoting the comprehensive well-being of my patients and/or people in charge, through empathy, ethics and science.


Clinical Psychologist. Specialist in human processes and organizational development; Trained in executive and personal coaching. I accompany you in the development of tools for professional guidance and employability. Professional with 10 years of experience in organizations, lecturer at the university level, on career guidance and employability. We talk in this space about your personal projection, about the fears and insecurities that stop us from developing assertively in the labor market, it is essential to identify and work on the perception we have of ourselves and project it assertively and aware. Welcome!.


Hello! My name is Michell Trochez, I am a psychologist focused on children; early childhood and adolescence. Through the game, I make it easier for the minor to manage their emotions, solve problems, take responsibility for themselves and the others, to recognize the individual conscience of her among other exercises to promote the freedom and the development of her personality.

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Psychologist Jenny Londoño Rincon (Medellín)

"We are in the continuous act of creating ourselves" (Donald, N) I am Jenny Londoño, Psychologist...

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Psychologists in Guadalajara de Buga

Psychologist Many times we feel desperate, because we do not find answers, we do not find tranqui...

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Psychologist Mayra Alejandra Escobar Bedoya (Tuluá)

I like to describe myself as a woman in search. For several years I have allowed myself to listen...

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