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The 10 best Masters in Early Intervention

Early care is the discipline that studies the set of interventions aimed at treating the alterations that children may present at earlier ages (generally from 0 to 6 years).

The main objective of this branch of psychology is to respond to the different psychological alterations, emotional or academic that children may present during their childhood development, as well as attending to their family environment or educational.

Currently there are many training masters in Early Intervention Taught by highly qualified professionals who offer their participants the main knowledge to specialize in this highly demanded discipline.

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The most valued Masters in Early Intervention

If you want to take this type of training to become a professional in the field, here you will find a selection of recommendations of the best master's degrees in Early Intervention.

1. Master's Degree in Early Intervention in the Educational Context (European University)

European University

The European University offers this Official Degree in Early Intervention in the Educational Context

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for all those people who want to specialize in the diagnosis, analysis and intervention in any alteration or disorder that arises in the first 5 years of the child's life.

The Master places special emphasis on the neurobiological bases and the most innovative techniques of intervention in early ages, being the most outstanding the Neurofeedback, the Biofeedback or the Therapies Sensory.

This Master is offered online, its duration is 12 months, it consists of 60 ECTS credits and its start date is April 26, 2022.

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2. Master's Degree in Special Educational Needs and Early Intervention (VIU)


The Master's Degree in Special Educational Needs and Early Attention of the International University of Valencia is an Official Title that is in its 12th edition, and is currently one of the most prestigious in its field of specialization.

The main objective of the course is to train each of its participants in the essential skills and knowledge that allow them to become professionals in Early Intervention and also in Attention to Educational Needs Specials.

This Master is offered online with significant discounts, it consists of 60 ECTS credits and its start date is February 2022.

3. Master in Early Care and Child Development (UNIR)


This Official Master of the UNIR is offered through the online modality, consists of one academic year (60 ECTS credits) and its start date is March 21, 2022.

The Master is aimed at anyone who wants to specialize in child development and care early, allows its participants to have a personal tutor and attend live online classes.

Some of the main objectives of the Master are to know the essential scientific knowledge related to early care, learn to design intervention practices adapted to the child and her environment, and apply the best methods and strategies for evaluation and diagnosis.

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4. Master in Early Intervention (Inesem)

The Inesem Business School offers its students this Master in Early Intervention through the online modality, whose duration is 1500 hours and consists of 60 ECTS credits.

This Master is a degree issued by the University of Nebrija and is aimed at any university professional who wants to specialize in the field of early care and integrate in their professional practice the main knowledge, tools and therapies of this discipline.

The Inesem Master also offers a wide range of professional opportunities in education or early care centers of all kinds.

5. Master in Early Intervention (ISEP)

This Master of Early Intervention issued by the Higher Institute of Psychological Studies It can be done in two modalities: In person or in the online modality (At Home) in the that the student attends live sessions and can join the modality at any time face-to-face

The Master consists of an extensive program of 22 modules in which the main theoretical-practical knowledge about early care in all its assumptions and areas of possible intervention.

The face-to-face modality of the Master is taught at the Barcelona and Madrid venues, and its start date is October 2022.

6. Master in Early Care and Family (UB)

This Master of Early Intervention and Family offered by the Institute of Continuing Education-IL3 of the University of Barcelona It is aimed at any student who wants to train as a professional in early care and acquire the main theoretical and practical knowledge to achieve it.

The main novelties of this Master are its 252 hours of internships in different professional centers, which can be carried out both in an expanded way (in 36 weeks) and intensively (in 18 weeks) depending on the needs of each student.

The Master is taught in the blended mode, consists of 89 weeks and 60 ECTS credits.

7. Master's Degree in Early Intervention (Camilo José Cela University)

The University Master's Degree in Early Intervention at UCJC It is offered in person at the Almagro Campus, it lasts one year and allows for up to 400 hours of external internships.

The training of the Master is developed from a comprehensive, innovative and diversified methodology, with which each The student will acquire the necessary skills to specialize in counseling and intervention in health care. early.

8. Early Attention: Prevention, Detection and Intervention in Developmental and Learning Disorders (Complutense University of Madrid)

The Master of Early Intervention of the Complutense University of Madrid It has a professional and investigative nature and is aimed at all those graduates who want to specialize in intervention in children from 0 to 6 years of age.

This UCM degree is offered in person at the Faculty of Education, is divided into two semesters and consists of 60 ECTS credits.

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9. Master in Child and Youth Psychology and in Early Intervention (Emagister and Esneca Business School)

This online Master is a degree from the European University Miguel de Cervantes, lasts one year and consists of 1,500 teaching hours, with 60 ECTS credits.

The Master allows permanent access to the online content of the center's virtual campus, includes the sending of specialized learning and offers the possibility of entering the center's employment exchange to obtain various opportunities professionals.

10. IV Master in Early Intervention: Prevention and Promotion of Child Development (University of Murcia)

The Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology of the University of Murcia offers this Master which aims to train specialists in Early Intervention from the academic and professional fields.

This Master places special emphasis on the capacities and tools of intervention, on the theoretical knowledge about each evolutionary phase and prevention, among many other contents important.

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