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Psychologist Yolanda Cordero (San Gil)

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Psychologist from the Javeriana University, with postgraduate degrees in clinical psychology and life coaching. I deeply love accompanying people in their processes of change, facing the challenges that life presents them. With a look at the integral Being, beyond a disease, a problem, where we establish a therapeutic bond and we transform ourselves. The spaces are safe for the consultant and full of learning. Each therapeutic meeting provides tools based on scientific evidence in order to generate emotional well-being applied to different life scenarios.

Living implies facing challenges, and many times we solve them as we have learned, others require new ways to face them and in space therapeutically you can build, strengthen and develop various socio-emotional skills to face the demands of a changing world like the one that we live. Clinical Psychology based on scientific evidence allows the evaluation and intervention in life problems, mental disorders and the influence of living conditions and the context on their Health.

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