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Psychologist Beatriz Cubero Cabañas (Madrid)

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Hello! I am an educational and health psychologist, both formations for me closely related. Throughout my career, my work has focused mainly on the adult and child-juvenile population and their families. The main areas of work that I cover are difficulties in emotional management (sadness, anger, anxiety), in the affective area (self-esteem, personal relationships, social skills, breakups), and family dynamics (interpersonal conflicts, climate family). I work face-to-face and online.

I understand therapy as a process. Initially, we will focus on creating a solid bond where you feel comfortable, we can get to know each other and talk about what has brought you to therapy. From there, we will establish the work objectives, and as a team, we will work so that you can get closer to them, as well as dealing with other issues that may arise. Finally, we will close so that you can keep in mind all the way traveled as well as your learning for future occasions.

In addition to training and experience, I have the great fortune to consider psychology and my profession as one of my great passions, so I try to always propose new challenges and be constantly learning. I will be happy to accompany you in your process, do you want to start it with me?

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