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Psychologist Camilo Torres Crespo (Quito)

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Hello, I am a Master in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Technologies, who has had the opportunity to work with different populations that vary from the bipolar association in Catalonia, in the San Juan de Dios psychiatric hospital, or in different addiction centers, as head in the area psychological. This in conjunction with my private practices where more than 200 patients have been able to find relief and meaning to the discomfort that can be caused by a mental disorder or simply a bad moment. Behavioral Therapies are usually of short to medium duration and what we will look for in session is that you can have the necessary tools, so that you do not depend on permanent help sanitary.

My clinical specialty is DBT (dialectical behavior) and my largest referral population is Borderline personality disorder, Bipolar disorder, along with mood disorders Courage. Within the topic of behavioral technologies. I handle everything indicated by cognitive behavioral therapy that addresses the cognitive triad, the management of automatic thoughts, identification of irrational beliefs. Management of different pathologies in a behavioral way such as depression, anxiety, compulsive disorders and grief management.

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I specialize in Dialectical Behavioral therapy, which falls within the third generation therapies, which makes it be supported by the latest studies within investigative psychology for the treatment of various pathologies; These include borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and the full range of mood and anxiety disorders.

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